Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Despite much talk accusing the selling out of Suffolk's metal band, Cradle of Filth, I have decided to remain a filthest Order of The Dragon devotee, much to my reputation of Cradle of Filth Whore, and gotten myself their latest opus to date, Thornography.

Though lacking in vocal prowess on the part of Count Dani and the eye-pleasing display of wordplay, I must say I ain't *too* disappointed with this latest installment. Off the 12 tracks this ritual offers, I am utmostly satisfied with Tonight in Flames, Libertina Grimm, The Bryonic Man, Cetemetry and Sundown, and Under Huntress Moon. And I am equally, or not more, disgusted at their rendition of Temptation. It irks me off totally.

An analysis of how the whole album sounds here, Thornography departs what Midian or Nymphetamine offers: keyboards. The guitars takes centre stage, ripping your hungry earwalls off in their relentless barrage of assualt. Drums are prominent, providing ample backbone for the entire album. Vocals... Let me see. It is expected that Dani has past his glory days of a strong, full, shrieky vocal strength. What now left is a reminisence of low growls and not-up-to-scratch high shrieks that he used to be able to pull off with ease. This album also lacks the orchestral grandeur that Damnation and a Day possesses, which is both good and bad. Somehow, Under Huntress Moon reminds me of a good old classic, A Gothic Romance from their earliest of album, Dusk and Her Embrace.

The narrated poetry by Pinhead Doug in their so-called first instrument track (She Mourned a Lengthening Shadow from their 1997 EP V Empire was their first, ignorant fools), Rise of The Pentragram, was suspense-building ableit somewhat cheesy and unfiting especially the 'Peter Pan" part. Oh Hell, Dani, get your muses back... =)

I have yet to inspect the lyric booklet and its contents. However, I sincerely hope that the standard is still in tact and that I will not be hugely disappointed. In Dani, we trust. Heh!

In brevity, if you are new to the cacophony of Cradle of Filth, I strongly recommend you into getting this record, as it is highly accessible and not to hard to stomach for beginners. For hardened Filth followers who sought pleasures in their earlier works, like Midian or Cruelty and The Beast, I would part you with a word of advice that this is merely to add some spice to your array of Cradle records that you might want to maintain.

I rate this 4 filthy virgins, motherfuckers!

Speaking of Cradle of Filth, it is amazing that I have already been an Order of Dragon devotee for more than 2 years now. I could still remember me picking up Nymphetamine off HMV 2 years ago and getting slightly appalled by the pictures of the nymphs in it. Subsequently, I went to acquire myself with their 2003 epic work, Damnation And A Day the very next day. Now the crazy Cradle of Filth luantic has a spanning collection of almost all their LP releases and their second DVD, Peace Through Superior Firepower. I am just lacking Principle of Evil Made Flesh, and Candid and Heavy Left Handed DVD.

Let's see, what's left in my long Wanted list.

  1. Rammstein's Voelkerball DVD (HMV needs to bring in the Limited Edition)
  2. I's Between Two Worlds CD
  3. Hennah Ardent's Origins of Totalitarianism
  4. Bathory's Death Fire Blood CD (the order of the words always confuses me)
  5. Brian Herbert's Hunters of Dune
  6. Dan and Dave's Winter Trilogy DVDs
  7. Legalize Murder Movie DVD (of which I have to order overseas, which will cost a BITCH)
Now, some philanthrophist who happened to chanced upon this depressing blog, you have one more thing to accomplish. Set up a LingNemesis Fund. I need it! Haha!

Other than my material wants, I have been breathing pollutants for over a week, finished watching the whole fucking Viva La Bam, flourished, considering my switchover to Poly which is more or less confirmed, wanted to be famous, laughed like a rabid creature alone whilst watching the Don Vito Montage, sang numerous songs to myself and then found that I am somewhat talented at that craft, wanted to record an album before I turn 20, slept at an ungodly hour of 5.30AM and ate many meals of fast food.

Last of all, thank you all for reading this, motherfuckers!

Yours, with filth,
17th Okt 2006 AD
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