Saturday, October 14, 2006
There. A music milestone has just taken place. Slayer has officially invaded and desecrated Singapore's soil. The metal scene in Singapore never looked so promising. I feel so blessed by their presence in Singapore even though, to my shame, I didn't attend their performance. Slayer, you had made Singapore a better place to be in. Not forgetting the loyal metalheads all around Singapore as well. Such moumental happenings only increased my pride level of being a metalhead. 13th October, a date to be remembered.

It's really not easy for metalheads to stay together in such a place so devoid of metal as a community. Plus, all the shit being thrown at us and the bands we adore so much by the media and common folksman belief and ignorance, it's really a tough task for us, mere headbangers.

You must be wondering, what is my fucking point here.

Well, if anyone who thinks metal music as weirdo, loud, nonsensical music and parents who have kids who favours metal music, here's my little sermon to dispel your ignorance.

As being said above, yes, it is effort-taking of us to stay together and remain passionate in the culture we find it so comforting, despite all the adversities the society throw at us. Yes yes yes, label us as satanists, loners, punks, drop outs, outcasts, whatever. Hold petitions in vain to ban performances. Issue charges on musicians whose main aim are only to give their best of performances for their fans. Push the blame on musicians for their lyrics when murders happen. The list almost never ends. We don't care.

The harder you reject us. The harder the shit comes shooting back in your direction. In your face.

That line would have summed up what metal is about, in brevity.

We look cold, we look unfriendly, we look weird, we look utmostly hostile, almost untouchable. But the way we connect with each other is just pure amazing, almost magical. Have you, commoner, seen strangers coming up to each other saying, "Hey, nice shirt you have got there. Or nice boots!", then a friendship would have been established. You probably never.

That's how strong the headbanger bond is, much to the contrary of how callous we appear. It just gives me the warm and fuzzy feeling inside. It's almost like a religion, but I shan't go into that.

You parents just go on and rant about how we shouldn't listen to such loud, violent music. Let me question you, what does the everyday television or radio friendly music adovcate? The answers are sex, drinking, jealously, lust, greed for power, drugs, corny notions and brainless banter left, right and centre. It's just subtle, you just didn't notice it. Now. Metal and its culture focuses on going back to our roots, being ourselves, and believing in freewill, pouring out the sorrows of living (which is true, in this 21st century), nature (for black metal), telling lifestories of being oppressed and perhaps in the midst of all, question the listener on issues of the society. What is wrong with that?! Just because the imagery they protray and the explicit language they prefer to express themselves in, then they should be condemned to the deepest pits of Hades? By that, I could so predict their level of intelligence by this. This is absurd. I pause here to exhale a sign of lament.

Yes yes yes, continue to shove all the blames, all the stereotypes to us, yell at us to turn down the music/throw away the band shirts/stop buying the records, send us to church for re-education, oh yes, tell us, we will be smited and damned to Hell with no parole, push all the negativities in this entire globe to us. We will eat them all up, with no noise at all, we are the mute punching bags. We don't even retailiate when you throw a punch.

I am sick of this shit, let me just quote Marilyn Manson in one of his songs,
"Repent, thats what Im talking about.", "Cut the head off, grows back hard". Giving up isn't in own agenda.

If you managed to finish reading this, thanks. I could feel you repenting now, if yes, I have made my point.

On less serious notes, 2006 has been a great year for the metal scene. With Progressive metal band, Dream Theater in Janurary. Norwegian Black Metal legends, Mayhem in February. Trash metal titans from the States, Slayer in October. And to end off this blasphemic year 06, we have Norwegian guitar star, Yngwie Malmsteen in November.

This is certainly a good omen.

Metalheads, may I call upon you to unfurl the flag of metal to all corners of Singapore and take pride! You are appreciated! We shall thrust the universal gesture, \m/ into the pungent air and turn up the volume of our stereos and pledge ourselves into a lifelong dedication to this lifestyle for it is supreme. The Metal Reich is coming!

I smile at myself,
13th October 2006. AD.
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