Monday, October 09, 2006
Sometimes, I really wished I could be exposed to more things at a younger age, then perhaps I could be much more competent than I am now.

I look at all the stars and people who have made it, and I wish I could go back in time and given the chance to know and learn whatever I needed.

Just to rant a little here, since it's my blog,
I wanted to pick up drumming since I was 13, but it's clearly impossible now.
I wanted to attend German language classes, but the parents said they are impractical.
I wanted to form a metal band and immerse myself in the scene, but the parents' discriminatory thoughts crushed them all.
I wanted to know of such a thing called 'philosophy' earlier.
I wanted to learn more magic, but magic is expensive. [thus resorted to flourishes]
I wanted an environment that had intellectual banter instead of trivial chatter, not that I loathe my family. I just need that edge of stimulation.

Life is unfair.

However, I want to breakthrough them all and get my name across the globe. One day, you could google my name and find a dozen of fansites. One day, my fame will be as notorious as Marilyn Manson and the sound of my name will be as bright as Billy Gilman's voice.

Await for me.
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