Monday, August 07, 2006
  Not in this lifetime.
I was pondering last night on my vast range of interests. Now that I have exposed myself to even more literacy works and issues, my area of interest now expanded to a wide spectrum ranging from religion, supernatural, politics, social science, philosophy, arts, ancient civilizations, mythologies, magic(k), films, languages, eugenics, and a whole ton more. There are sub topic within each, making my quest of knowledge over them a several fold harder one. Thus, I wondered, "I will never get a decent grasp of all that in this lifetime at the rate I am going now, unless I quit school to pursue this strange interest that many people of my age care less about."

However, I really wish I could master what I could. One can always hope, right?

Anyway, back to reality, the whole of SRJC is going to East Coast (Chaos) park on the morrow for their 41st National Day celebrations, an prestigious occasion where students get to build sandcastles using state-of-the-art tools, such as a few pieces of arcylic templates with moulds for stairs and windows. Wow. I mean, this is so cool. One student is obliged to build at mere least 1 metre worth of lump, that would make a total of around 1 plus km worth of sandlumps, making it Singapore's longest! Besides that usage of free labour on the beaches, students are required to cover 3.2km and 5km respectively for those of XX and XY chromosomes. Of course, being a political threat to the school, I will walk the distance with my player on, and getting twice as much free drinks I could that they provide. I, too, will attempt to build a Gothic styled castle, to horrify the entire joyous occasion, and to dampen everyone's festive mood. Therefore, renaming East Coast Park into Eastern Haunted Coast Park. I shalt scribe "Here lies the Lair of Dracula" upon the entrance of my castle. And then, snap 42 pictures of it and smile proudly at myself. =)

I doubt that will happen though. [Shut up! That's my pesmisstic twin talking.]


Life is just like that,
7th August 2006
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