Thursday, August 24, 2006
  300th Post!

I am quite proud of me making the 300th post mark. Signified a great deal of committment into this once-miniture project of mine. Yay.

On other side of matters, today is a good day, as there's no school for the entire SRJC tomorrow! Hippees! Came home, decided to play with my magic toys, which resulted in;

  1. Getting very frustrated at the linking rings as my one handed link failed repeatedly. Ugh.

  2. Hooked up my IT and had a paper ball floating around my chest. Subsequently, decided to let it float around whilst I continue to do my normal stuff and walk around the house. Which is quite distracting, as the spinning motion of the paper ball could get you quite dizzy.

  3. Did Cups and Balls with sponge balls and glass cups. Then, laughed at myself for 3 minutes straight.

  4. Incarnated myself at the balcony for almsot 3 hours as my magic drawer is there, whilst looking at the glass doors as I flourished away. This invited many comments from my family that I have lost of sanity. Ah wells.

  5. Decided not to wax a Tally Ho, it being too good to be waxed.

Found this link pertaining to Jon Nodtveidt's death, it's getting increasingly surreal that he is gone forever. My subconscious still remains in the mindset that he is still alive... This is affecting me.

Of all, I find this most mind-boggling: "Shortly before the ritual suicide, he had sent farewell letters to his father and his girlfriend and explained to a friend, "I'm going away for a long, long time. I'm going to Transylvania." O_O, seriously.

In light of such morbid matters, I have only more of that sort to lament here. I feel old. It's already nearing September 2006, my days of being 17 years old are quite numbered. Will be turning 18 in around 4 months' time. Geez. I will be in JC2 in no time at all, soon, it will be the apocalytic A Levels. Following that, the pursuit for a degree in a university hopefully. Makes me realise that I could no longer joke around being a blasphemic BM kid and think of novel ideas that might sound impractical in reality. Time really does flies, huh? This is too fast. Inversely, I find the JC education really efficient in obliterating my previous shelf of "not thinking anything in class". More critical, I am now, I also find that studying has essentially fused into my life wholly, and there is no escape. (Don't I sound like Winston?) Amazingly enough, in my secondary school life, where I found much difficulties in even tackling some of the easy topics, here in JC, things just flowed to my mind like water, it's so natural and second nature. In lectures, I'd hear abit and a divine enlghtenment of facts and understanding came to me. And there, I committed them to memory. I have no serious idea why my studying skills took such a sudden curve for the better. This is good, I guess. =)

So much for being a nerd,
24th August 2006

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