Thursday, July 13, 2006
Greetings once again. Due to an early dismissal today, I decided to head over to Jimmy's shop for some rejuvenation and entertainment.

My guy, Mark and my god-father Jimmy were there, when they saw me, they started to shower their ''love'' on me and talking nonsense of which I appreciate alot. One very elaborate example of nonsense is about my ''childhood''. Here is it: Jimmy said it all in chinese all the way, 'I know I am a bad father... I used to be a gambler, lost all my money away, owned people many huge debts. To prevent you from suffering with me, I had no choice but to abandon you in a rubbish chute, hoping that you will find a better environment... I know I cannot pay back what I have lost in 17 years, but I can try. You are still my flesh and blood.'' Like WTF?! Haha! Great god-father I have. ^^

So... The crazy bitch Mark said is true...The bitch, owning the shop besides Jimmy's shop, will place an mannequin almost in the middle of the corridor and will shut her shop like once per hour to go smoke, then shout random things in her phone at 2pm, 5pm and 8pm. Everything will be done without fail. =S Weird. And other shopkeepers seem pissed at the crowd Jimmy's attracting. Bah, ownage!

Then, met up with Ren Hui for a lunch-dinner and some crap talking. She is still suffering from a hangover from watching The Desser which she watched 3 days ago. That's a long hangover... Anyway, she said RJC Science people, 78% of them got A for Maths. That is a very disturbing statistic. And we are comparing the number of Us here... Hiaz.

Before we left, there is this grandfather-looking experienced magician there, who kept recounting his olden days in magic with no DVDs, telling me and Rh on how he learnt his magic. Man, he even flourishes! He can fan, well! Wow! I want him for my grandfather! Lol. But seriously, he's cool. Then, after showing him some stuff and my card skillz, he mentioned something like wanting to invite me into joining IBM. Haha. Me? IBM? Blasphemy. I will fall alseep there...

Anyway, on my way home, I spotted several funny/weird sightings.

Think that's about it.

I feel damn efficient about myself. I completed by EoM! Hah. Yay, tomorrow's Friday. Friday is good day.

Fatigued though,
13th July 2006
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