Tuesday, July 18, 2006
  Loathing MSN...
I fucking hate MSN. For the past 2 days, whenever I sign in, it says, 'You have none contacts under this email.' Made me so nervous and at a loss of what to do, all my contacts, fuck, gone?! Sheesh. I'll try reinstalling that piece of crap.

On other sides of things, I got a relatively high range C grade for Econs with 2 marks to a B! The agony! B looks better by all means. Ugh. Anyway, thanks to my 16/20 score for my essay component for that C grade. Bah! [still hating MSN]

And anyhow, I was thinking of one of the more memorable jokes by Captain Kevin in the biology lecture, it goes like this;

A Haiku

Max Maven, he said:
"One more bald jokes, and I will,
crush all of your balls."

Haha! Kev's the man.

And, stimultaneously, I was thinking of more deviant theories coming from yours truly to aid me in remembering the damned Nervous Control Resting/Action Potential. One of the theories revealed the usage of the universal analogy of s.e.x. Yes, I realised everything revolves around it. Think wayward, life will get easier and more interesting. ^^ For your information, I uses my own exclusive theories to remember stuff in Biology, Chemistry and Econs. Of the latter, is more decent as compared to the nefarious ones of the sciences. Economics uses the mere concept of Jerry Nuggets, which is obviously not very helpful to a flourish layperson.

I recounted my CD collection, and found out there's only 39 CDs. Much to my illusion of it being more than 40, due to my (mostly) empty wallet. Bah. [need to expand my arsenal]

Speaking of expanding my collection, any experienced and tasteful metalheads who happen to chance upon this derelict lair, could feel free to tag on your reviews. My To-Buy-List is as follows;

- Immortal - At The Heart of Winter
- Katatonia - Brave Murder Day
- Dissection - In The Storm's Light Bane
- Dimmu Borgir - For All Tid

Reviews, please. ^^

As you can probably see, I am extremely gifted at the craft of ranting random and (at times) irrelevant things.

I must remember to watch Little Britian later. Missed it last week. Darn.

I'm starting to take a liking in King Diamond's songs, one of which (and the only one) is Gypsy. Freaking viking, me likes. Makes me so jumpy...

Tomorrow is SRJCian Day, and I do not give a flying hoot. Just release us early.

May the Reaper follow you,
18th July 2006
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