Saturday, July 15, 2006
  Immortal returns!
Good news for all black metal enthusiasts! The Eternal Kings of Frostbitten Blashryk returns to summon the coming of The Solarfall at the Wacken Open Air 2007! Immortal are back, to satisfy us Within our Dark Minds. In this Darkness that embraces Us, Immortal is the only Mighty (Ravendark) hope for this Pure Holocaustic metal scene. On stage, they will Battle (it out) in The North, claiming what is rightfully theirs by sounding out their Call of The Wintermoon, there marks their Triumph while we are all, once again, Damned in Black after their performance. One By One, we fall in love with them again. At our Hearts of Winter, we are converted to their Sons of Northern Darkness. There, after all the turmoil, they reign supreme at the top of Mountains of Might.

Haha, if you aren't a metalhead or an Immortal addict, you won't get what I have said above. So nevermind. ^^

Anyway, this weekend is the first without any magic-related outing, since mid-June. I told you magic/flourishing is my CCA. Heh.

Went out to have lor mee and nerd at Borders, damaging my mind with more information from metal magazines, and free loading reading there.

Today is pretty boring.

Yesterday rocked tho.

Me and Keroy The Flourish Prodigy were talking nonsense throughout the maths lecture in the Inferno LT5. Since, the air con broke down, it was already hell there. To our utter horror of all horrors, we entered a drained aquarium. The floor is totally wet and with many puddles on the steps. Think Dark Waters.

The lecturer said, 'Sheesh, this have never happened before.'

So the twosome were thinking, 'What else worse could happen to LT5?'

- Ceiling collapsing
- The lecturer went schizo and eat up the microphone

Later, the lecturer was coughing non stop.

I say, 'Oh no, he caught the T Virus! We are going to become zombies!'
I added, 'Oh, I see a puddle of water there...'
Keroy, 'Uh huh...'
Me, 'Life is like a puddle of dirty water.', like a sort of sudden enlightenment.
Keroy, 'Uh huh...'
Me, 'Later, the screen will turn to Jigsaw, and he will say, 'Hello SRJC, I want to play a game. Behind every chair hides a key...'
Keroy, 'You have to cut the chair open right?'
Me, 'I think so...'

To my amazement, the screen flickered a while, and I really thought I was a damn prophet or something. To my chargin, Jigsaw reserved his appearance to much laterwerdz.

Then, after school, went to watch Pirates 2 with my god-father Jimmy and my dear Mark. They gave me many english (and african) names, like Virginia/Emily/Peter/Monday/Molly/Mary/Omh! Omh! -insert bird chipping-. I think my name will be longer than Prince William's easily.

I am still amused at Jack Sparrow's whimiscal behavior and his irresistable charm, loved him. Johnny Depp rocked! =)

Alright, here, I end my post,
15th July 2006
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