Thursday, June 08, 2006
  Some updates.
So, the 06/06/06 has passed with nothing happening. Okay, I shall stop believing in arcane prophecies.

Anyhow, I ask myself, 'How's life recently?' And I pondered for awhile myself, and came to a conclusion: Life = boring holiday lessons and dull social life that aren't worth mentioning.

Random: Travis has left for his NS. Aw, I'm gonna miss chatting with him online and talking about Slipknot and Dragonlance. Sigh. Let me just wish him all the best in the army. =) Stay sic, brother!

Random again: I have been hooked to listening to Atonement and Hours of Wealth by Opeth, and Needled 24/7 by Children Of Bodom. Those brilliant songs. And, I find myself chatting to Jaro alot recently, due to both of us being extremely bored and stoned at home. Our chat isn't very constructive, ableit it being extremely fun, we continued.

Regarding today, the class had their inaugural BBQ at a place that is so familiar to all of the classmates. Yes, we held it in school. Wasn't too bad, the food was average. Actually, it is the first time I'm compelled to stay in school for just a little while more, thanks to the BBQ.

Then, Vivan suggested a class outing to OCH. I went euhorpic. That idea was seriously great, I will definitedly go for it. =) Imagine all that we can do there. Heh.

Anyhow, as you have probably realised by your observation skills, I have uploaded another video. It's Alt Lys Svunnet Hen by Dimmu Borgir. A classic song from a similiarly classic album, Stormblast 1996. I must emphasise that the 2005 version suck shit. Do not get that, unless you only want to listen to a better version of Broderskapert Ring. Only that song sound much much better than the original one. Others are UGH-ly done. Back to the video, I heart that Top Hat keyboardist, Stian Aarstard. He looks so awe-inspiring. Playing those keys without looking down at all. Wowwie. Too bad, he's not longer very active in the metal scene, heard he went to play jazz. Lol. What a switch of genre. Watch that video if you want to experience true symphonic black metal. Loved the opening keys part. Breath-taking.

Flourish side of matters, I created yet another cut. Lol. Jaspas told me to stop creating. But I love to see stuff progress from mere fiddling! Well, I think I should go perfect my current creations before venturing into more. This one was inspired by Split The Atom by Daryl Ho, well, only the beginning part. =)

Lack of ideas of what to put here,
8th June 2006
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