Thursday, June 29, 2006
Ah shit, there is something seriously wrong, I missed 2 Werms in a row. I'm dead.

And, this is random: You know you are a flourisher when your mom tells you to stop playing with your cards and eat dinner.

How is today? Well, Econs was alright, leaving me 15 minutes to spare for me doodle german on the extra sheet of paper.

Chemistry is teh 1337 sH!tzorz. I was happily doing for the first 2 or 3 questions and being perfect in my way of presenting the answers. Then I look up the gargatuan clock up the stage. I spent almost ONE hour on those couple of questions. Holy fuck. Then I rushed through the other questions like a madman on the loose. Feeling myself getting increasingly dizzy with adrenaline by the passing second, I calmed down a little on the fact that I could answer most of the questions ableit the lack of time. The climax was reached when I reached the MCQs at the back. I have around 15 minutes for 20 MCQs now. To my horror, those questions could qualify to be structured questions, being so complex. Fuck. I used my sixth sense, if I had any, and pick on any answer that looks decent. I did that for around 5 questions. Holy. I was so dizzy, the words on the paper seems to be jumbling up themselves, tricking me into mistake.

So that ends my heavy duty day with a pair of weary eyes and a very worn out brain and a couple piles of dead brain cells. Not forgetting my hardworking right hand who scribbled tonnes of jibberish on the damnable sheets of papers.

Phew. The adrenaline returns stronger than ever, Os doesn't feel this bad even. I realised i definitely have to write tenfold faster to complete the paper properly. This is hard.

Tomorrow is The Coming of The Final Battle of Pen, Paper, and My Brain: Biology.

Here, I pray again for my right hand to write faster and my brain to be a sponge.

Wait, prayers don't work. Okay, I need to go mug again!

Biology, my hope of all,
29th June 2006 AD
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