Saturday, June 17, 2006
  Been a while.
It's been a while since I have updated this thing. So here am I again.

Hmmm, I didn't remember telling you that I share the same birthday as Dead right? Okay, great. So basically, I am really really so very extremely absolutely proud and honoured to share the same spawndate as a great musician and individual, who is known as Dead. A little bit more about Dead, real name Per Yngve Ohlin, is born 16th Janurary 1969 and demised on April 8 1991. The first vocalist for the Black Metal Legends, Mayhem. Ended his sad life by blowing his head off with a shotgun and his suicide note merely says, 'Excuse all the blood." Haunted by his many depressions and his bleak outlook on all things, he was forced by himself to end his life. Tragic. Untreated depression. For more information: I give you Dead.

So, I guess the sharing of the same birthday as such a reowned Black Metaller explains my sudden interest in Metal msuic and its brutal culture. Thanks Dead! You inspires me every day in my life, but hey, suicide is not my cup of tea. I kill others, hopefully. And no wonder, I share such uncanny similiarites in my perceptives of things, always bleak, feeling out of place all the time, the perpetual and constant loneliness. The need to connect with the unknown realm. Hiaz. I guess that is my fate, my destiny passed down from Dead, someone who could qualify for my mentor. Lol.

Alright, enough of sad talk.

On reality now, today was a great day with Justin, Daren, William and a couple of others, as we headed down to Parkway Parade to witness the second Magic Unlimited 2006 Juniors Semi Final. The performance itself was alright. Me liking the Masked dude, Linking Rings and Biting guy and Pam's daughter. Heard much about the Khatib (whatever the spelling) guy, saying he's how pro. Well, I have to see for myself at the Finals.

To all SMC participants, winning or not, I'm sure it's all a good experience recounting on my previous try in such contests. =)

Tomorrow's Ning jie-jie's turn at Heartland Mall. Go, Ning! Show the guys what you have got! Equals to meeting up with the same above mentioned gang again. And equals to another round of flourishing. Yay. Nice weekend.

On the metal side of things, I have a new wishlist. I wanna have all Immortal CDs! I am going to so very broke once again. Hooray for being poor. I have a sudden urge to list all the things i want now:

Okay, i think that's all for now.

Enough for typing today,
17th June 2006
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