Monday, June 05, 2006
In less than 3 hours time, we shall usher in the diabolical day - 06/06/06. A day that would change the face of the Earth, prove everyone wrong and to revel in the reveries of evil.

Fuck everything, for it will be the Coming of Total Satanic Anarchy reign over everything and anything. Hail The Beast, His Son and The Unholy Spirit. That will be the new Unholy Trinity. The old will be crushed in the palm of The Evil Dictator, Satan himself, for eternity.

Be ready, people.

Draw your curtains, the skies will be omnious. Buy enough food to last you and your loved ones a lengthy and final war between Magog and Gagog, those two ancient Jerusalem temples. Sleep tight, as you might never experience good sleep ever again. Leave your Bibles at your doorstep, they will be disposed for you. Turn every Crucifix you see AntiChrist-wise, and they will remain that way for a long long time. Forget going to Churchs on Sabbath Sundays, they will be no longer in a very short while. Eat a good supper before bed on the 5th June, as hunger and war make you ultimately a very sad person. Piss, spit on every statue of Jesus/Mary/Mother Virgin/[insert holy figure here], and then pound them with a sledge hammer. Drop by Church of Satan and say Hi to Late Anton Szandor LaVey in advance. He shall be your Guidance even though he is a celebrity. Dress in black, as Satan's favourite colour is black, if you haven't realised that.

Restore the pagan Gods into power. Truths shall be spilled. No more cats in the damn bag.

Alright. Enough of sacregilous angst for the day.

More to the astrological aspect of things, have you, my dearest reader-fiends, realised that 6th June 2006 falls on a tuesday. Alright, let's do stuff in point form, it's much easier for everyone's eyes.

The details:

06/06/06 (666) - The Number of The Beast, Satan's Number, you idiot.
The day falls on a Tuesday, Tuesday is ruled by Mars. Mars = Planet of bloodshed and war. *wink wink*
The day falls in the sign of Gemini (May 21 to June 21), ruled by Planet Mercury.
Mercury, in mythology, is the Roman god of commerce, trade, travel and thievery, opposite of the Greek counterpart, Hermes.
Mercury, in terms of astrological connotations, means The Mind, Transportation and Communication. [The vehicle the Coming of the Beast?]
More on Mercury: Mercury is the light in our eyes, the ever-changing consciousness within us that moves from idea to idea. Thus Mercury has always represented thoughts, ideas, and the mental process in general. It governs not only ideas, but communications, too. Communications - by phone, letter, spoken, or however - are ruled by Mercury. Also thoughts, connections, phone wires, and everything that connects and conveys - even conversations.
The constellation of Gemini will be near to the one of Orion on 6th June 2006. Orion, that 3 stars in line? Holy trinity getting threatened? Ha.
The Antichrist will be a Gemini in Sun? Hmmm. I ponder.

Still the 6th June 2006, we part. Good luck.

I grin at the stroke of midnight tonight,
5th June 2006 AD
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