Thursday, May 04, 2006
  An update
It's May already! Time really flies. Almost half a year is gone... That means 6th June 2006 is getting closer and closer! [brightens up at the prospect of a nearing doomsday] =)

Anyways, I'm starting to feel better and finally getting used to my JC life which is extremely hectic. In addition, I am getting pissed with an abdomination, called PW. Yes, Mdm Tan is so right, PW is Satan's Spawn. I totally second her opinion. To hell with PW! Sigh.

More about Mdm Tan, I am appalled by the fact that I am beginning to appreciate her cynical, blatant sense of 'humour'. Here's one example exhibiting it: Vanessa did not answer her question as she wanted her to. Then Mdm Tan commented, 'I am to assume you forgot to bring your brain today to school.' ROFL. Mr Mok got pwned. XD

On a lighter note, I feel that my muses are returning to yours truly slowly which is a very favourable sign. Which leads to me writing a page long 'The Daily Sin' during the monotonous Chemistry lesson today. =) One of which scribbled in the spur of utter boredom, is 'As a fledging vampire, Lestat used to maim little mammals for their blood. Now, fully matured, he has developed an obsession of collecting young girls in his dungeons for his meals. His menu is often saliava-inducing.' Woot. [grins]

During the same Chemistry lesson, I spotted a group of malay women who are school cleaners, using small spades to tap on the bark of a tree, looking rather amused at the sounds the spades made on the tree. Invoking the Tree Spirit, anyone?

Random stuff now, I cannot wait for 6/06/06. I ponder if anything will happen. And, appropriately, there's a movie coming up on that infernal day, The Omen. Just cannot wait for the re-make version of Diamen Thorn. [grins again, more maliciously this time]

Oh yes, I just watched the video for 'Killing Loneliness', and Ville Valo looks better-fed now, much to my chargin. I prefer skinny Ville, in Love Metal era. That video likens itself to any typical emo-punk video which always features legions of groupies clamouring up the band. Not a good sign. HIM is getting seriously over-commericalised and I hate it. Mortals are not supposed to be in contact with such celestial tunes. Mortals = 5566, Kelvin Tan, My Chemical Bullshit, Green Poo, Good Bye (Charlotte), Pussy Ass Bitches, 50 Cent, M&M (white flavour), insert more mainstream nonsense band here, as I can't think of more right now. Die, mortals! Exterminate!

So much for the angst. Now I need to cool down. Anyhow, my book collection is getting as decent as my CD collection. =) I have fantasy to horror to classics to science fiction epic series. I step back and look at my shelf in pride. lol.

Alright, long enough a post today. Auf Wiedersehen, freuend!

Feeling slightly better,
4th May 2006 AD
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