Tuesday, May 30, 2006
  Malacca Trip
Regardless of the little delay in the update of my ''pilgrimage" to Malacca, I shall recall and write out my experiences here with you.

27th May:

Waking up at 6 plus am on a saturday morning is not a thing you would want to do, but the notion of getting away from Singapore - The Stress Furnace is enough an motivation. So, I departed my lair in the groggy state to Golden Mile Complex for the bus. Reached Golden Mile Complex - The Thai Heaven, and waited for the arrival of the bus. Due to the incessant nags of my parents, I was chased off to the toilet to relieve myself as they have warned, it's going to be a long ride. Okay, so I abided them and went. I thought the toilets there at Golden Mile Complex were dirty enough, until I reached my destination.

Following next, I boarded the bus which proved to be rather unsatisfactory regardless of their advertisements. Nonetheless, the journey began. I popped my earphones and inserted Rammstein's Reise Reise into my pathetic little discman. How very appropriate. Listening to Reise Reise on a bus ride to Malasyia. Lol. If you are wondering, Reise actually means "journey" in german. =)

The scenery zoomed past and the droning of the bus continued. The air from the air conditioner holes blew on my sleepy face, freezing it. Soon, slumber seized control.

That slumber was discontinued when the bus reached the 2nd Link Checkpoint. Not very willing to leave my seat, I dragged myself down and had my (empty) passport branded.

Back to the bus, we continued heading to Malacca.

The dreaded silence in the bus continued. Uninteresting. Boredom. Until, my brother pointed out to me, 'Wow, what a huge cloud." That is not something you would call from a cyber-addicted kid even you force him to. Then, my brother asked me a rather retarded question, "What happens if it falls down?" I merely said, "It will die." My brother held on to his chest, looking heartbroken that that huge cloud will die. I commented again, "My condolences." That is how bored we are in the bus.

Then, the silence returns.

After approximately 4 hours, we reached Malacca finally. Checked into Century Mathoka Hotel and went to stroll around the streets of Malacca. Had their Chicken Rice Balls for lunch, a rather fresh idea to eat rice in the form of balls. Feels like I'm eating fishballs at first. Weirdness. Anyhow, after filling our hungers, we went off to walk even more along the streets and found out that the shops are rather boring, selling the same kind of soveniurs. Yawns. The unbearable heat outside encouraged us to head back to Mathoka Parade.

Back to the humane conditions of an air-conditioned shopping mall, I might say it's a rather huge mall, but very under-developed in terms of Singaporeans' expectations.

As planned to meet up with Brendan, I went to Burger King and saw him there. So, we flourished and chatted for a while. Not forgetting to film some stuff before I leave the place, we did some filming and had a great time together. Nice to meet you, Brendan. =)

Later in the day, we went to taste the Malaysian Nonya food. However, due to poor spatial skills on my father's side, we ended up walking on tourists-barren streets that are filled with Indians and dark corners. Pissed and hungry, we finally gave in and took a cab to the resturant.

Reached the resturant, we were thoroughly amazed that their coke comes in those traditional glass bottles instead of cans! Savouring ancient coke and gobbling down spicy Nonya food, we had our dinner.

After dinner, it's already around 9 plus in the night. Tired, we headed back to the hotel and took a refreshing shower. After some time in the hotel room letting our legs rest from all the walk, my mom suggested to go for a midnight movie. Alright, here we set off again to the streets once again. Guess what?! Their movie price is only RM 8 and S$ 4.00! God damn fucking cheap. Anyhow, we chose Over The Hedge. Whilst waiting for the movie to start, we went to the bowling alley and watched Malaysians and their at-times weird bowling techniques. Getting entertained for a while, it's time for the movie.

Well, you get for how much you pay... $4 show = no adverts to watch/songs to listen before the show + small theatre + bad air conditioning. About the show, I slept alseep.

After that show, we were all totally worn out and yearning for our hotel rooms and beds. Heaven hates us by releasing his cum. Unable to exit the building, we loitered around the carkpark for half an hour before the skies showed any signs of mercy. Unable to wait any longer, we rushed back irregardless of the rain.

Ahhhh. Rest finally, at 3 am.

28th May is utterly boring, I shall not describe it. Bought Dimmu Borgir's Stormblast 2005 tho. And it sucked.

Then, back to Singapore!

Singapore rules!

I had enough seeing Keluar signs above doors,
30th May 2006AD
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