Tuesday, May 09, 2006
Hello all, this is a time for me to update again, so sit back and relax. =)

Firstly, the General Election results. As expected always, PAP won again. What's new, right? In addition, my dad attended the rallies of the opposition parties ONLY and he said there are many things said against PAP, but the newspapers and media did not publish them. Instead, they reported everything for the good of PAP. To furthur add oil to the inferno, when the results were released. They broadcasted tonnes and tonnes of reports and updates regarding PAP and almost none on the opposition parties. What the fuck is this? I am not going to hold what the media says in high regard from now on. Biased. Very.

On a lighter note, it have been said that THE EXPLOITED is coming to Singapore! Whoo! First Slipknot, then Mayhem, now the Punk Pioneers- The Exploited! The legions of punks shall revel on 28th May 2006 AD in the presence of The Exploited. That truly means that more and more bands are coming to propagate the Unholy Concept of Metal! =) \m/ I'm lovin it! Please just consider bringing in Cradle of Filth or Rammstein or HIM, I will be more than grateful for it.

And, The Da Vinci Code is opening soon! Can't wait to watch it. Although Tom Hanks seem like a unsuiting actor for the role of Robert Landon, I would watch it still, so much so for The Da Vinci Code hype recently. Will go watch it with ma magic pals, would be a kickass outing. =)

On an academic side of reality, I have my first Biology SPA tomorrow much to my chargin. SPA is the next enemy coming after PW. I shall crucify you, sinner SPA! Seriously, I rather do the one-shot practical exam, so to save my regular and monotonous mugging sessions. And, PW, the Accuser of God, deserve to be impaled with the 7 swords of Megiddo and DIE! Okay, too much angst for anybody's health.

World Cup is coming! I think you already know which country I will support. If you didn't already make it out yourself, it's none other than the host country itself. Deustchland! Or more commonly known as Germany. And I shall sing when they score a goal, 'Deustchland uber Alles (im der Welt Tasse)!' =) Rammstein really influence me alot.

Random: I would motivate myself to run during PE with the dream of being a better metal vocalist. This works, really. =)

Alright, so much so for today's ranting. I shall halt here for today.

There is no Beast without cruelty,
9th May 2006 AD
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