Thursday, April 13, 2006
  Time for some updates!
Greetings, reader-fiends. I apologise for not updating as frequently as before, due to the fact that I have been incredibly busy with an annoying thing called school. Finally, I have the time to update this jinxed journal today, thanks to Jesus Chirst who died thousands of years ago of tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow is indeed a Good Friday, as the name blatantly suggests.

Anyhow, anyway, how and what to write about on my boring existance in SRJC, also less known as Satan's Recruit Junior College, I ponder... and I pondered even more.

Ah yes! I recalled. 1S03 is really lucky (note the sarcasm) to have That Person as our GP Tutor. How fortunate we are. Hard to please (both classroom and bedroom, I have probably concluded) person, or should I say, hard to please slut? I really think the latter makes a better choice. So, That Person assumed the suiting title of The Slut now, has the penchant for insulting people, and a rather crude and unpolished way to do so as well. I seriously recommend her to pick up a copy of 'The Dummies' Guide to Insulting' at all good bookstores.

Minus her ineqoluent manner of berating people, I think she is a decent teacher. Just don't treat the people as though they are going-to-be-exterminated Prisoners of War. We are humans, after all. Do unto others what you want what others to do unto you. Heed that well, Slut. Trust me, it works. =)

Anyways, my 4 month old Rammstein fever is still going strong. This is too much. I think I have been listening to Rammstein for thousands and thousands of hours all together now. Which is a good omen.

To inspire me in a more perverse manner, I have embarked on a sketchbook that could include hand-drawn band logos by yours truly, pages dedicated to my intellectual stimulants, like Friedrich Nietzsche, Marquis De Sade, Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch and last but not least, Dani Filth Count Backwerdz. I foresee this a great project and it'd be an extremely self-satisifying experience.

To end this post quickly, I shall empoly the writer's mental block as an excuse.

Cruelty brought thee tiredness,
13th April 2006.
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