Sunday, March 19, 2006
  Some updates.
It seems like I haven't been updating regularly even since the start of school. Nonetheless, I'd try my very best to keep you, my beloved reader-fiends, updated on my recent morbid thoughts and accursed whereabouts.

Now. Where exactly to begin in this morass of thoughts?

First off, Operation Pon is a roaring success, I felt as though I have escaped from a concentration camp, which is rather true to a certain extent. The subsequent roaming around at Orchard ressurected me in every manner, making me feel so much more alive than being a zombie in school. Then came the march holidays which are short-lived indeed, being one week. To futhur reinforce the love for the school, those horrible fuckers made us go back to school for holiday lectures. I coined a brand new term for lectures, I call them 'The Lectocaust', lectures and holocaust? So yeah. The Lectocaust spans over the period of 4 fucking days, but of course, being a rebel of me, skipped some lessons. The only good thing about JC is that they don't give a fuck whether you attend lectures or not, so hehe. I present to you, Operation Pon II: Terrible Tuesday! There's only PE and Chinese on Tuesday! So FUCK that and let's pon. =) Anyways, I'd really hope that I could get into Temasek Poly... [prays]

Screw everything academic now.

Count Backwerdz, or more commonly known as Dani Filth from Camp Cradle has generously updated us with news of the production of their latest album. And, surprise, surprise, that Bam bootlicker, Ville Valo from H.I.M will be featured in the latest opus of The Filth. Interesting combination there. Soulful, sexy and arousing Finnish vocals and disturbing, werewolf-like and ear-splitting English shrieks, I wonder how they will pull it off. But, as Dani has promised, this would be the best Filth album yet, I will trust Dani. Dani hasn't been too well these few days, and he can't touch booze being regimented in a yeast-free diet, let's all pray in vigil for our Brother for his quick recovery of health. Take care, Count Backwerdz!

To read more about Cradle's studio update: click here.

Random: I totally adore Dani Filth! I can go insane.

And, during these period of intellect void, I have stoned and thought of these various pointless stuff.

If I were to get married, the theme song to use would be none other than Heirate Mich from Rammstein! So imagine, that song being played loud in the restuarant when me and my the other half walk down the isle. Uber kickarse! Other than that detail, I would like to arrive in a hearse as well, unlike those conventional crapped out white Mercedes Benz. Be creative, pals! My wedding would kick Marilyn Manson's arse, well not really, I must still respect MM.

I got myself a new phone! So say Auf Wiedersehen zu mir spielen Telefone! My latest muggle gadget of communciate is teh 1337 s3xY RazR V3! Everthing was sweet except one part, that battery flap. I have been trying to pry out that fucked up flap for around 3 hours and nothing even moved. Great, just great. Blah... Oh! My sister helped me, and she took less than 5 minutes. Someone fucking pull the trigger at my temples please!

And, i have just realised this. It's already the end of March, one quarter of 2006 is gone! Jesus christ, time really flies. And, more shockingly, I realised that I have absolutely done nothing ever since Novemeber last year. Yeah, I rock! Stoning rules. =)

And, I got my pay cheque! Hello shopping spree! Hehe. Embracing my feminine side. lol.

Alright, nothing much more to rant about.

In Filth, we trust,
19th March 2006 AD
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