Tuesday, March 14, 2006
I know, I know. It's been one whole week since I have updated. Now, now, keep silent while I get my lazy arse or hands moving.

First thing first, Ashford's Tornado DVD Trailer is out! And, well, of course, I got flattered so much after watching the trailer video, which can also be found here, PUTFILE BANNED SINGAPORE! Okay, I should be humble and modest. It's a virtue... =) Ashford should try featuring me as a bonus or something in the DVD, I believe it'd be good. Haha. Kidding! I'm not that good yet.

Secondly, someone gave me a link on the chemical side of Hell. It's really interesting. For all chemistry nerds out there, you'd love this essay on Hell. Click here! I believe Hell is Exothermic, as Hell emits out heat energy from the rectants which consists from various sinners and blasphemers alike. The reaction between the sinners and Hell was so great, the heat generated within the reactions was way greater than the heat generated from the reformed sinners aka the Products. Thus viola! You get an Exothermic reaction! Another alternative reason could also be that Herr Satan is a selfish person, he depises hot weather despite his title as Satan much to his chargin. He wanted his infernal (yeah right) chambers to be cooled at all times, thus made all the heat to be emitted outwards. Thus, DA TA! Exothermic again. Hell - what a practical place.

Anyways, on a saner note, JC orientation has pissed me off as much so that I carried out Operation Pon on last friday and bid farewell to the dumb orientation programmes at 12.30 pm! I rock! From what I can vaguely remember, my house, Sparta was leading all the way till the last day, but I was told today that Athens won in the end! I was dumbfounded. WTH. How can this be possible in anyway? OMG. Bah anyways, after much deep thoughts, I have came up with the conclusion that JC isn't for me. Metalheads cannot survive in JCs.

They'd ask, 'Hey, so what kind of music you listen to?'
I said, somewhat proud, 'Oh metal music. Nice stuff.'
They'd go like this or something like this, 'What? Metal? Plastic? Lol.'
I'd go, 'FUCK YOU.', then leave them.


Hence, I think it's best to appeal to Temasek Poly which had been my target since the start of sec 4. I really hope I can get into my preferred Biomedical course. The mere thought of struggling with GP/Chinese/PE/other random school crap is disturbing. I already have had enough of SS/Geography/Chinese/PE in NCHS. I do not wish to allow to myself suffer anymore. Enough. Is. Enough. [prays hard I'd get in]

Wow. I am surprised that I could still remember my Chemistry stuff! Had my first JC lecture today, was Chemistry. It's about Atoms, Molecules, and that Mole concept. I absorbed rather quickly and with ease. I actually enjoyed it. Hah.

Anyways, I just bought Cradle of Filth's Vemprie EP. It's fucking good for a 6 song only CD. Especially for Queen of Winter, Throned. That song is pure epic passion for whole 10 minutes, fuelling your metal lust to their full potential, launching yourself into a frenzied bout of headbanging. Pure gold. Simply adored Cradle of Filth. Dani, you rock my world! =)

Alright, that's it for now!

To feed on the blood of the weak,
14th March 2006 AD
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