Monday, March 20, 2006
The reason why I am updating this so quickly is because I am actually feeling happy enough to blog unlike the period when I was updating as irregularly as a puberty girl. Haha. I am so crapped out.

The reason why I am so eurphoric, well, not really THAT eurphoric, is that I have found like-minded people in SRJC whose common interest is to pon all crappy programmes like Health and Fitness Workshop.

Here goes the crazy ponning action:

First thing first, I walked into the canteen toilet for whatever reasons I think you are intelligent enough to infer. When I am done and not yet out of my cubicle, I heard a wave of audible murmurs that distinguishingly sound like a secret Escape Plan. I wanted to pon as well, so I thought for a while, and finally decided to join them into the Grand Espace Plan. Being people with similar interestes, they accepted me into The Anti-Crap Party without much hesitation and aided me in this cruical getaway. I am truly grateful to them, because if weren't for them and their impromptu generousity, I won't be able to tell you, my loved reader-fiends, the Horrors in That Place. This is real-life testimonal, heed it well. If you see any lone souls wearing the grab with that SRJC collarpin, leave them alone. They are sad enough. Really.

Enough of that whole grateful shit, so we decided to walk out in threes, all being chatty and busy doing Something and distract the old and MOSTLY HARMLESS guards. So yeah, we got out of That (Sad) Place rather unscathed.

Anyways, anyhows, I have thought of a topic to research on for my PW. Heavy Metal Culture! I'm choosing Momentum anyways. I will so enjoy doing this, I swear the teachers will go,' Okay, okay. Enough!' Lol. I kidd.

Bah, talk is talk, I still want to get into Temasek Poly by hook or by crook or by rook or by book (book?!) or by whatever that ends with 'ook'! JC isn't my cup (or mug) of beer, cup of tea is overrated. The reason is simple. I hate beer. Beer is bitter. And I spit anything that is bitter. =) I drink teh 1337 Vodka.

I WANT TP! I WANT TP! I WANT TP! I WANT TP! [carries a placard that says TP is teh 1337 5cH0.0L! and walks around in SRJC, with a self-satisified smile]

And, the sad part of this post, Jedi Master JasPas Christ Deck has prophecised the Coming of His A Levels and thus concluded His ultimate decision to stop the glorious art of flourishing for a total of 8 months while He retreats back to His Abode to study His scriptures.

So Our Messiah came and went. This is the Start of A New Age.

With the pre-ordained Knowledge gained from His much-valued teachings, we will strive for The JasPas Perfection in all things flourish and continue our Journey to The West Side Chaos. Things have since changed ever since JasPas ceased wielding His deck, Jackson 5 is no longer a band consisted of young black singers, it has evolved into a mega looking cut invented by The Buck Twins. Aw, see how fast time has past? We clutch to our Hearts in utmost melancholy as we witness The Loss of The God's Messanger, and contort our faces in grimace and hold back out swelling tears. Aw! The pain!

Okay, I'm fine. I'm fine.

Alrighty folks, time's up and I gotta bid you farewell.

Still in shock of The Lost Messiah,
20th March 2006.
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