Thursday, March 23, 2006
  Am I starting to like SRJC?
OMG Jesus christ! Am I starting to like SRJC? Fuck. No. This can't be happening. I forbid it to happen. Hell No.

The reasons being my growing liking to That Sad Place are that, the people really appreciate my magic, there aren't many hecklers around like those in NCHS to ruin everything I try to do. That is just fantastic. The feeling of being engulfed by a circle of audience is just brilliant and refreshing. It feels I got back my old self again, not being that loner I have been for the past few days. Now I have people calling me The Magic Girl by many including one who is a rabid fan of yours truly. And he, also known as Elfie, gave me Oreos as a token of appreciation. Thanks Mr Bedok! =) I appreciate you watching my Pre-Lect Magic Show. And I swear, oreos are the weirdest token of appreciation ever.

And, to add to the reasons why I am beginning to like that place is that there's a rocker dude in my class! He's Josiah, also the CG rep and aspiring Student Councillor cum Rugby player, a really vocal person, like Nicholas Tan back in 4I. Anyways, it's so scarce to find anybody who doesn't listen to pop or whatever crap that is in SRJC, rock is good enough. So Josiah might most probably become my best buddy if I stay in SRJC. And he jams as well! I wonder what instrument he plays... Should be either electric guitar or bass. I'm rather looking forward to a chat with him on all things rock and metal. \m/ Rock on, Hail, whatever!

Whatever it is, I still want TP. Full Stop. Period. =D

Oh TP, oh my lovely TP, how I yearn for thee...

Please give me a fucking reply soon, TP!

I still want TP,
23th March 2006 AD
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