Saturday, February 04, 2006
  A reunion.
Started the wrenched day of meeting my long-lost paternal big aunt who went ''missing'' for around 35 years. Thirty-five fucking years. Fathom that.

To give the reason why she went missing a miss, because I was not sure of why she did that as well, all I knew was because of family politics that drove her to the edge of her threshold. So she just vanished from the face of the Earth when she was around 20 plus years old, like any cheesy movie or that Missing TV show. Then, my unfortunate father plus his siblings and my lone grandmother (my grandfather was a jerk, he left the family as well) waited in total vigil for my big aunt's return every single day for the whole of 5 to 6 years until they saw no hope and could not shed anymore tears. It must be heart-harrowing for them.

Thus, she went off to a life of aimless wonderings and luckily, a kind hearted family took her in and took decent care of her. Somehow somewhat, she landed in Malaysia Sabah where she met her husband who is extremely cool from what I saw from the photographs, he's in a band and a keyboardist and guitarist. The couple then begatted 3 progenies, Terence, Elizabeth and (shit, I forgot her name... Sorry!), also known as my new cousins. =D Terence, 31 years old, is going to have a marriage soon, looks like a boring person. No offense! Eilzabeth, from what her mother quoted, is a totally hip and driven person, great! The youngest of my set of new cousin is I-got-no-comments. Back to the main character, Auntie Theresa, from what I observed from her speech, is a determined and willed dudette. She said, 'You know Mother Theresa? I'm the opposite. I'm The Sin.' Ha! Brilliant. =) And, most of all, she speaks proper and proficient english which made it even more cool. Now I can find something I like in my paternal family tree. Auntie Theresa, you rock! =) I shall request you if your son's wedding dinner needs a walkaround magician. I will be glad to offer entertainment for worthy relatives. =)

After that, I went off to Orchard with my mother again for purchase of my new shoes. Say goodbye to my old fucked up Nike.Got myself a pair of Converse brown sneakers. After which, I proceeded to purchase a collection of HP Lovecraft book. Matyn, be jealous of me! =) Heh! Kidding.

Had my Abendessen at an awesome place called Pepper Lunch at Takashimaya. That meal reminded me acutely of Mein Teil. They had a hot plate for you to cook your meats and bean sprouts and all. Just add honey, soya sauce, pepper and salt to the hot plate and witness the sizzling action of the meat can offer, and have a mental image of Flake being mein teiled by Till and subsequentially grin to yourself and pretend the meat is human flesh. There, done. =)

And, finally got my hands on 1984 of George Orwell. Going to read it later, no read is not the word, devour is.

And, Voldemort, thanks for that lesson on faith and trust yesterday. I believe you have alot to teach me alot more stuff in the near future. And, that missive you handed to me was heart-melting. Ich lieben du... I will always be your Perfect Wormtail. Always. Knien fur dich is Gut.

Okay! No more mushy shit before Tom kills me or gives me a slap for my insubordination.

Shit, O level results coming out next week. So. Goddamned. Scared. [prays]

It's Mayhem tomorrow! It shall be total karnage and nekro musik in SINgapore. Although, I'm not going even though Mayhem is like the legends of Black Metal. I'm waiting for Cradle of Filth and Rammstein. =D

A Diahorrea of words,
4th Febuary 2006 AD
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