Wednesday, February 08, 2006
  An encounter with Mayhem.
Yesterevening saw the surreal gathering with the Gods of Black Metal at a blasphemous location where strong winds prevail.

First things first, Mayhem and Arifeen and gang arrived in a mini-bus with reinforcements that consisted of alot of alcohol. Nice. I feel so weird and out of place partially because I was the one of the five or six people there not wearing an Mayhem shirt and that I was one of few girls there. I feel rather constricted and uneasy. Then, I shook hands with each of the Mayhem's members, and then I feel even more surreal about all these. Nonetheless, Mayhem seemed like a bunch of down to earth and friendly people. Neat. =)

Then, to break some ice with Mayhem, I decided and finally picked up the courage to show some magic to them. The god damned wind was so strong, I lost my control of the cards. At first, I showed the sound technician, who directed me to Hellhammer aka the drummer as Hellhammer knew magic. Wow! Seriously WOW! Hellhammer knows magic! He showed me a card effect, it was good! And, Mayhem is a nice audience, unlike normal singaporeans who shun or criticise magic as child's play. =)

This was followed by the crazed bout of photograph taking session. Took over 10 to 20 photographs with Mayhem and the gang of invited people. And, me and Rei took some individual photos with Attila/Hellhammer, Alex aka the birthday boy, Blasphemer and of course Necrobutcher. It was so surreal! [asks myelf, 'Am I dreaming?!']

Everything then became more comfortable and we started eating, though I didn't eat much, instead I drank alot of soft drink and tried some alcohol but they doesn't taste nice.

Whee! This is another milestone in my pathetic life. I fucking met Mayhem up close and personal! Be very jealous of me! Haha! =P Just kidding...

A New Me,
8th Feburary 2006. AD
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