Sunday, February 12, 2006
Dear reader-fiends who frequents this accursed journal of yours truly, you might be thinking why I have not updated you with news of my O level results. The reason is; I do not wish to comment and delve into that abdominable issue, as it will spark off many (good and bad alike) emotions within me, which will ultimately result in the rise of death rates in Singapore.

The only thing I am willing to reveal is that my results are very monotonous and that I can enter a (medicore) Junior College. Full Stop.

I want to depart with those melancholic memories that nearly and always suffocates me concerning my secondary school life and my ruinations of my various upper secondary exam results that never failed to deepen my sorrows if they aren't deep enough. I want to start anew...

Oh yes, there's one interesting encounter yesterday that strengthened my already-perverted mind. Cute young boys. Awww. My Voldemort wants them too. =P I was showing magic to a very cute boy and he was apparently amazed by my colour changes, and he was standing in front of me, he was shorter than me even when I was sitting down and the angle which I looked down upon him was 'Whee!' His smal hands spread those cards so slowly yet so gracefully, and his minute amount of body heat was spreading to my body... The innocent expression on his face was simply too much for me to undertake... Jesus! Can I kidnap him and keep him as a pet? Okay, I know that's my Voldemort's lines, but boys are really nice if they are cute and quiet. =) Okay, I shan't go deeper into the details, as it will pollute the minds of my reader-fiends. =P

[is reading Fall of the House of Usher, and it's good.]

In swoon for young boys,
12th February 2006 AD.
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