Wednesday, February 22, 2006
Greetings, fellow reader-fiends. It's been a while since I updated this wretched blog of mine, so here am I, satisfying your foul reading desires.

These few days had been rather boring. The reason being, I am cooped up at home with absolutely nothing much to do except to ''enrich'' my mind with new perversions by reading tonnes of fanfiction daily, and finger my cards occasionally and listen to more metal that dominate my ears for 99% of the time.

I am damn freaking pissed at this riddle called 'Phonetix Riddle', a rather poser name. Here's the link, if you are equally bored as me; http://feroz.letzebuerg.org/riddle2/index.htm.

I can bet you my middle finger that you will go insane doing this riddle, so happy going insane. =) [I am stuck at 24/30 after hours... That's the level of bo-liaoness I am suffering currently.]

And, I have called it a day for my work encounter with Fantasma Magic. I really enjoyed working for Fantasma, it gave me a lot of performance chances and it has definitely also gave me alot of experience and exposure to different kinds of audiences. I almost had an heart attack when I am supposed to perform for the Hong Kong director, Albert Tam. Nonetheless, I pulled everything off decently and managed to sell a Miracle Deck to him . =D Generally, I would re-join Fantasma Magic whenever I have free time, it's a great opportunity to perform and experminate your performing styles.

On the other hand, school is restarting soon. I have not written anything by hand since middle November, I am so dead. Must go recall all the sec 4 stuff and prepare myself for a hellish bout of hardcore mugging in JC. I am going to heck care Chinese and PE, fail then fail, who cares. I think I will get into SRJC most probably 99 %.

That's about it, my reader-fiends.

Still don't feel like going back to school,
22nd Feburary 2006 AD
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