Wednesday, January 04, 2006
School has started. And, I'm feeling useless and very weird. Suddenly, I want to study something and feel the stress of studying once again. Most of all, I kind of miss sitting in a classroom full of people that I like and loathe at the same time, and secretly fiddling with my cards under the desk and pretending to pay attention to the lessons. Well, in the ulitmate end, I must move on.

I went back yesterday noon to visit Mr Neo. It was a heart-warming experience seeing the things you once found monotonous. Suddenly, I felt really really old and out of place, even the canteen where I ''hung'' out alot during those mugging periods looked ailen. Now, the flag poles are placed on a platform, so the place looked even weirder. And, now the I classes are located nearest to the staff rooms, so that's a total flip of classroom arrangement. So 4 Integral classroom is currently invaded by 4D. I believe that my evilsonic presence will prevail in that particular room, always ready to influence those young, unknowing juniors of mine. And, where the heck is my beloved and desekrated table? I want it back! Besides those mad ravings, the chat session between me and Mr Neo has definitely mellowed down, due to the subside of teenage angst in me. I would suggest him to listen to metal music and drown his sorrows of his sad existance in that even sadder place. He said this, 'Later, I'll have to see how Mr Loo has to ultilise me futhur.' Pity him. Hang in there, Mr Neo. =D Obviously, that's an useless advice. And, to futhur aggrevate matters, he has been taken out of NCC or also called NecroCarnage Council. Awww. Anyways, Mr Neo reads Friedrich Nietzsche as well! Hooray! He's really one cool person. He lent me a philosophy book on 4 philosophers namely Nietzsche, Kafka, Kierkegaard and Dostoevsky. And, I can't wait to go out with him for a meal and yet another chat session over food (not canteen's!). But, as he said, 'I will go if I have spare time. Oh wait, hang on, when did I ever have any spare time?' Sigh, what a sad life he leads. I don't know why I feel like contributing to the school, in terms of helping them and not in terms of any kind of finanical aid as I can't even support myself. I would really like to start a magic club or something like that in that school, then I'll be the Founder!

Laments aside, I have spent my morning basically taking photographs of my thumb fan to see if I have improved or not. Here are the results:

Bleah, I'm so useless not going school...
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