Monday, January 16, 2006
  Mein Geburtstag ist gute.
Greetings, my reader-fiends. I guess you have figured it, today is my spawn date. To cover up what has made me rather melancholic yesterday, I had a kickarse (really, literally) outing out with my truly, Voldemort and deserkrator-fiend, Rei.

Viel Danke für heute, mein Voldemort. <3 Du. Thanks for that ruthless birthday bash. (with the sinister aid from the borrowed flexible curve) Affection lingers in the depths of my heart, or arse, to be more precise.

Now, that I am seventeen years old. Siebenzehn alte Jahren. Departure from childish acts and thoughts are definite. And, one more year to servitude to my Voldie for her drinking desires. I've also made a resolution to study hard in either JC or Poly. I want no regrets like what I regretted in my upper secondary life. And, another top priority is that to get all Cradle of Filth stuff and immerse myself in more metal cacophonies. For metal music spurs me on in life by tenfolds. My motto or way of life: Listen to Metal. Feel revitalised and live life right and have no regrets.

Blah, crappy stuff aside, I can't wait for Dan And Dave Forums' collaboration video. It's going to be so exciting to watch. The line up is incredible and the video will be highly worth it to watch.

Can't wait!

Here's the ''poster'':

Cool eh?

HL is going to be owned, real bad. And, of 10 people to be featured in the video, 4 are from Singapore. Singapore really has a bright future for flourishing. Too bad, the general masses do not know this yet. [Must promote this art!] And, I feel motivated to improve so I can featured in such videos... I must persevere.


There my brain goes again, blanked out.


Auf Wiedersehen, mein freünd!

[Off to read my God Emperor of Dune and listen to more metal and get zonked out.]

Yours insincerely,
16th January 2006 A.D.
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