Monday, January 23, 2006
  I am a Malfoy.
I can't escape my fate. My magickal fate, to be precise. I'm a Malfoy. Voldie, I'm no damn red-haired Weasley! Hehe.

If you are scratching your head right now, feeling utterly confused. Continue doing that.

Okay, cut the crap...

I'm going to be interviewed by Straits Times tomorrow. Is that cool or awesome or cool? I think it's all of the above.

Thus, I can't escape my fate. I have toned down in magic for quite a while, and yet fame is awaiting me... Haha. Okay, stop bootlicking myself.

Anyways, self-flattery aside, Justin and I were chatting about how Singapore has a bright future for flourishes. I believe with time, the gilded art of cardistry (a spanking new term coined by me! =p) will rocketed to the masses and do justice for the young talents here in the haunted shores of this island. And, flourishing hubs of the world are as follows; Singapore (obviously), Norway, Sweden, Germany (for very obvious reasons) and Vietnam (BONE!) and a little of USA. Singapore = Goldmine for flourishing talents. Galore of flourishing talents. The mere thought of seeing flourishes on TV is simply too thrilling. Hooray! I <3 flourishing. Best hobby ever.

On a more serious note, my dad signed me up on a Buddhism course. Which is fabulous. But, I believe I know most of the principles of it already. Bah, at least I have something to do than rot at home visiting the same old websites, and hopefully, I can meet some young Buddhists enthusiasts and make spiritual friends. Bleah, I sound too holy for a BLACK metalhead. But, metalheads are still humans... It's held at Kong Ming San Monastery, and I believe my thursday nights from Feburary onwards will be peaceful and enlightening. Whoo. Nice. Finally, my childhood dream of being in a monastery is somewhat fulfilled. Heh!

And, I got my hands on Opeth's Morningrise! Brilliant stuff.

On my way to stardom (as if) and enlightenment (hopefully),
23th January 2006 AD.
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