Tuesday, January 31, 2006
  Boredom brought thee blogging.
As you all know already, it's the chinese new year, and it's been boring visiting those damned relatives and all, being pretentious and faking a smile for them. So, I won't delve deeper into that and save you from falling asleep in front of the new age square box.

Just to mention, my ang pow haul is pathetic. It has hit the lowest record ever. Hmm, the economy picking up eh? I wonder... There must be great sales at the Posh Toilet accessory store that sells only golden tubs and taps.

Laments aside, I have been hooked to the brilliant song of Cradle of Filth, Tortured Soul Asylum. And the beginning of the song goes like this:

"Oh, sweet Midian
I burn for thee at heart
Don't despair
Come bare me on wings of graveyard robbed leather
To where pleasure rings deep secrets
In spurts after dark..."

I found myself reciting the above chunk of phrases in utmost passion before plunging my head into a series of headbanging motions and grinning at the line diabolically spitted by Dani Filth, that goes; 'Whilst I watched without revolt. Carnalities few beasts permit.'

And, also Cradle of filth related, the official fan club is launching soon, it's also known as The Order of The Dragon. On the unfortunate downside of the eurphoric news of it, it requires an annoying thing called Paypal. Screw it. Any kind souls who could help me? I must join that legion. I am, afterall, The Cradle of Filth W****. =D

Cradle-praises aside, I have work tomorrow. [switches myself to performing mode once again]

And, people out there, especially people from secondary schools, remember to search for my name and my face in next monday's issue of Straits Times IN section. =P

In addition, I do not know that one cousin of mine learns german! Whoo! I went totally ecstatic when she said, 'I learnt german for 4 years in uni.' Great, great! Now I can clear my doubts with her. =D

And, not to forget, I must get 2 books, namely 'Venus in Furs' and 'The Story of O'. Both are masochistic tales not to be missed. [reminds herself to hunt for them at Kinokuniya or Borders] I will be so enjoying reading them.

Literal indigestion,
31st January 2006 AD.

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