Thursday, January 19, 2006
Greetings once again, my reader-fiends of all walks of life. Hereby lies the recount of my (mis)adventures spanning across 2 days. Sit back, if your chair doesn't have a back, too bad! Well, as I was saying, sit back and enjoy.

Ahem, let me refresh my aging memory... 2 days ago...

The SMC meeting at Mondo cafe. Oh yes, that one.

Infuriating it is, I was sabotagued by Pambudi into the Impromptu Competition. Alright, so I just did a crappy card effect and yet another even crappier card effect with the (seemingly futile) aid from a small glass bottle which was my impromptu item. I suck! (not that kind of sucking, you sick fucks!) Nuff said.

Anyway, cool cafe. Cool performances. Cool people (most of them). Nice experience performing. Nice time seeing people congregating together for Magic. Nice to see new people as well.

Ah yes! Kev is back in action! When Jio is performing, Kev was his stooge. Jio then asked Kev, 'Do you know magic?' Kev, with his usual expressionless expression, answered, 'Nope! Didn't ever heard of it. Nope.' ROLF. Kev rocks!

And, I looted Bras Brasah! Now I have a entirely free German helpbook. Woot! Brilliant.

That's about it for wedsnesday.

Dawn dawned itself into Thursday.

NYP Open House.

Cool campus. Even cooler labs. It's really an eye opener for me, first time seeing REAL fermentators, liquid(and gas) chromatography machines and complex computer programs doing all the experiments for you, instead of seeing diagrams on textbooks. And, the labs are air-conditioned. Coolio. The cutoff point is relieving to hear, Molecular Biotech is 13, which is what I am aiming for. Nice. [looks forward to an exciting tertiary education]

The one and only downside, poly is messy. No order, no nothing. Just whatever you want to do. Bleah. Just hope I can get into JC, I will go thank Guan Yin Ma if I get around 15 for L1R5.

Having rather enough of the open house, I went to Penny to meet up with my Voldie. (this time, with reinforcements from her parents) She has really cool parents! [envy] And, I feel weird hanging out with her parents. Nonetheless, i enjoyed the time with Voldie and seeing her in her green podka dot one piece uniform. [Argh! Don't kill me, Voldie! You still need Wormtail's hand for the rightful task of exterminating The Boy Who Should Have Perished.] Heh!

In all, spending time with Voldie always rocks! <3

Before I foray into anything more mushy that this, I should change topic before she decides to give me another chew-a-don't-know-what hug.

Bleah. Work tomorrow. [switches myself into performing mode and be prepared to be tired after work]

Blah. No more! Bye bye!

With no inspiration to continue,
19th January 2006 AD
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