Monday, December 19, 2005
  I need more metal t-shirts!
Ruhe is correct. I need more metal t-shirts. But first, I need money. Bah, anyways, here's my wish list for my ever-pathetic wardrobe.

1) Immortal 'Pure Holocaust' or 'Damned In Black' Shirt.
2) Dark Funeral 'Unholy Horde' (saw it at Bugis) or 'Diablous Interium' Shirt.
3) Emperor 'In The Nightside Eclipse' or 'I Am The Black Wizard' Shirt.
4) Cradle of Filth 'Filth Fest' or 'Cruelty And The Beast' Shirt.
5) Hecate Enthroned 'Misma' (or whatever you call it, forgot) Shirt.

That would add some more black-ness in my wardrobe. Hehe. I will get them at Bugis Street, 3 for $20 only! How good is that?!

Anyway, I still haven't got a job yet. Al Dente hasn't called me yet, it's been almost one whole week, I guess I can forget about Al Dente. Sigh, I officially declare lookng for jobs sucks. I seriously do not know what will happen to my brain during my free three months period, I cannot imagine slacking (mentally) for so long. I guess the only way is to read novels and science books from the library to maintain my intellectual activity level. Ah wells, I've decided to return to NCHS on the first few days of the new school year 2006, to visit Mr Neo in that infernal hellhole and to help him alleviate his sanity to a decent level. Besides that, I will go see what's on the menu for my beloved juniors next year at the ever-miserable school canteen. Of course, I will grab the chance to eat some really cheap food there and relish my NCHS days. I really feel that I'm god damned old. 4 years, it may seemed long, but seriously, it isn't. All passed way too fast, sometimes, you don't even have the time to take notice of some things. To be honest, I am going to miss times in NCHS, not because of the school or the people there, but looking for jobs out there in the real world suck big time. Now I understand the pleasure of being a simple-minded don't-give-a-fucked-up-hoot-about-the-world student. Seriously, I rather worry about passing my exams and getting all fucking stressed up about Os then face the nags of my mom pressing me to go find for jobs and blah, the list never ends. Sigh, ends my conclusion of this shitty school thing. Oh yes, I will miss flourishing under my desk during lessons, and not getting caught. Now that's a skill you gotta hone to its perfection. I will miss cutting queue during recess especially in the Mixed Veggie Rice and the Local Noddle Delight and the Poultry Delight stores (I frequent these stores as the food are of the most decent amongst all). I will miss teasing Yee Shin, Si Ping, Calesta (yes, that one with the huge specs who watches Anime Porn). I will miss obeying the order of some guys in my class to scold Jia Hao a 'Bastard'. I will miss eating the 70 cent bee hoon order from Darwin in class, although it's way too spicy for my liking and the bee hoon is cold and hard at times. Most of all, I will miss my table cover as I drew the band logos on it (Cradle of Filth, HIM, Slipknot, Rammstein, Dimmu Borgir) (wanted to draw Immortal and Emperor, but it's too late back then.) And I will miss Mok's lessons and Ansar's slacking E. Geog lessons.

Crap. Can I have one more day of secondary 4 life again? I so wanna attend Ansar's lesson, and his 'Power' Revision Notes.

Argh. Sorry for me sounding abit crappy and weird today. I really miss those times, although it can be hectic sometimes.
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