Wednesday, December 21, 2005
  Another boring day...
Greetings, my fiend.

Today is yet another boring day. Went to Kovan to apply for the Japanese Tidbits Store, those people imitated me by saying 'You gotta stand 12 hour straight, the last 2 weeks must work straight, no break you know?!'. Well, I just wait for their call. Then, I bought coffee for my mom at her shop. Then, I went to Street magic, gosh, it's god damned boring there also. Then, I went to the Dental Clinic as my mom said they needed Dental Assistant, nah, they do not want students. Okay, Fine.

Here comes the highlight of the day. Sit tight and devour my next paragraph of words. :P

As I was walking out of the dental clinic, I saw a group of teenagers walking towards me. Soon, my Christ-o-radar sent alarms to me. Anyways, I entertained those young christians. A bespectacled girl was silenced by my abrupt asking of 'What is this?' in a callous ableit harsh manner. She softly mumbled, 'Oh we are Christians (I knew it!). And we are ...' Again I silenced her by the most non-chalanant comment of mine, "Oh. So sorry, I'm antichrist." She, still unaware of the situation that she's facing a tough cookie, said "Oh nevermind. Just take." Oh okay, I took it. (not because I'm obeying an order from a christian. But I need it to desekrate with Rei :P) The guys behind her were already half shocked. As I departed them in lurch for them to reel in shock, I gave them another shocker by shouting (not really shouting, but in a loud voice), "Hail Satan!" plus a hand gesture of the devil horns, \m/. I walked away without looking back as I was hundred and one percent certain of my shocking skills. Triumphant as I was, within 5 minutes another group of weirdo christians came up to me. Silencing them once yet again, I said, 'I got it already. Can't you bloody see?', again in the non-chalant manner, 'Oh yes, by the way, I'm Antichrist.', I reminded them again, they don't seem to understand that fact. To deepen their appal, I threw a smirk to their horror-stricken faces like those of a Malfoy, then walked away at full speed and grace, with a full bloom sense of accomplishment warming up my heart. Rei, our desekration plan is going on fine, I assure you. ;)

Hail to me!

At least, that brightened up my boring day. Christians never fail to amuse me with their special (queer) personalities. What interesting specimen of living organisms they are.
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