Monday, November 07, 2005
  It's been a while...
Hey, it's been a brief while since I blogged. So here's it and you people just shut up and stop clicking the back button.

Alright, recently Mr Neo just gave me his collection of metal cds! Thank you for much for this wunderbar gift, I really appreciate it alot. My huge \m/ovitation to study even harder, faster, faster, harder. Haha! *flourisher's insider joke* Those songs in those cds are kickass! From Emperor to Mayhem to Satyricon to Opeth to Whores of Babylon to Cradle of Filth, phew what a colossal collection! Thanks once again! I will post a picture of the cds someday when I'm more free, probably after Os which is finally ending in 10 days only. Endure! - remember the time i waited for slipknot for 4 fucked up years! 10 days is a small fly! -

And I have bought Rammstein Rosenrot, so one tick on my hungry agenda. The DVD from the limited edition is already worth the price! The dvd is a 3 performance clips compilation, Reise Reise, Meil Teil and Sonne. Oh my fucking god, Till Lindermann has this superb stage presence to the extent that he can command total obeisence from his moshing crowd. During Reise Reise, he just stood stoic and stern and all nazi-like during the solo part. Phew! You got to see it to understand! Rammstein is my new found obsession and Till is one of my favourite guys on earth now. RESPECT. The album is of a slower pace and more melancholic in nature as compared to the hard hitting Reise Reise album. Which is good. Hail Rammstein! Ich lieben Rammstein! Mein heart ist with du. Haha, broken german. \m/ Please do come to Singapore sometime next year! I await your arrival.

Oh yes, finally there's some news from the Cradle camp on the dvd, it's been postponed to 21st Nov. Meanwhile, here's the diabolical tracklist:
01. Gilded Cunt
02. Nemesis
03. Mannequin
04. Black Goddess Rises
05. Gothic Romance
06. Her Ghost in the Fog
07. Nymphetamine
08. Tortured Soul Asylum
09. The Forest Whispers My Name
10. Bruise Upon the Silent Moon
11. The Promise of Fever
12. 13 Autumns and a Widow
13. Mother of Abominations
14. Painting Flowers White Never Suited My Palette
15. From the Cradle to Enslave

Kickass ain't it? They are finally playing Damnation and a Day's songs! WOOT! \m/ Thanks Dani so much! \m/

Alright, back to business. 10 days to my 6 month worth of freedom. ENDURE, I must.
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