Friday, October 07, 2005
  Relish the carnage once again!
Woot! The final art work for Slipknot's first Live CD, 9.0 is done, fresh from the oven! You lucky readers are going to have a sneak peek here whilst I upload it at the bottom of this post. Gosh, the mention of this momentarily surged my adrenaline level in my bloodstream and suddenly I feel as though my soul is sucked back to August 16th at Fort Canning. Damn, it still feels so surreal as I look at my ticket stub now. Since that terrifying experience, my life has been effectively separated into 2 segments, Before Slipknot gig and after that. *breathe* Ok, I'm back to normal now. Anyhow, I was asked to pose for a couple of pictures during the gig, so I MIGHT be appearing in the booklet whatever. Hehe!

As I have promised. This post will be talking about Dark Light.

Vampire Heart - A power and soul-consuming track that revolves around love being immortalised as the title implies, Vampire. So can Love be immortal? Can blood or the passion of love be alive once again in a Vampire Heart? Got to listen to it to find out for yourself! I rate this 10/10. Briliant song writing and starter for the album.

Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly - This one is basically showing the real geunine beauty of love. Can love be beautiful even without the attractions of the beauty of the wings of the butterfly? Worth pondering, eh? I rate this 10/10 too!

Under The Rose - This is a fast and very catchy song with a very meaningful chorus. Talks about sacrifices done for the sake of Love or the Rose in the song. Can you even burn in water or drown in flames just for your love? So Love is impossible to resist in any sort. I simply adored the lyrics of this song. I rate this song 10 too!

Killing Loneliness - The chorus goes like this, 'With the vemonous kiss you gave me, I'm killing loneliness.' Even with a poisoned kiss, you would not mind it as that is sufficient to kill your desperation for love. Protraying the desperation for love despite being dead. Nice! 10 too!

Dark Light - The introduction to this song is so soulful you can almost feel as though your heart has melted. The chorus and voice of Ville only makes it worse. Talking about the decadence of love, that beautiful creatures like angels can defile. Love as dark light, shining into your soul and blinding all fears that keep questioning about love. Well, hard to explain, get your copy soon! 10 for this song too!

Behind the Crimson Door - Catchy riffs to start this power track. Speaking of love 'summer' being killed by the 'fall' or some cold feelings. You don't mind it as well, as the winter 'rejection' said, 'Your love will be the death of me.' So this basically a song about the total rejection of love as summer and winter are direct contrasting subjects. Awww. nice idea is it? And hiding the door also means that your shyness or shame of love. Phew what a load of insane knowledge there! 10 for this too!

The Face of God - This one is rather catchy as well. Ok, correct that. Very catchy, This one is talking about the playing God for love. You, wanting to understand your loved one so badly, you become somewhat ashamed of it. And you are really desperate as you want to invade the opposite's dreams and you wanted to feel what they are feeling. You won't care if they are comfortable with it that you wouldn't mind offending God. Really good track here. 10 too! Geez everything is 10!

Drunk on Shadows - This one isn't as good I might say. Haven't found out the philosophy of it yet, that i need to listen to it more. Basically talking about the decandence of love and the blasphemous side of it, and love is alcoholic and could make one drunk on it. Well, this is probably an addition to the enitre album. This one i give a 9.

Play Dead - This another hard pounding soul ballad is talking about playing dead in the name of love. You avoid love by ignoring it totally of being dead. So love can be so deadly and harmful sometimes. You wanted to play dead until the opposite party accepts your love before all is too late. 10!

In the Nightside of Eden - As we all know, Eden is the garden of Adam and Eve. So love spawned from there. What about the nightside of it, the darkened and blasphemous side of it? Sneaky love of course! The lyrics goes, we fall in love with the serpent's song. Haha, Lilith of course! Serpent = devil = devil's female counterpart = Lilith = first wife of Adam. So this is indeed sneaky love! The lyrics also goes, 'Forever we are. Forever we've been. Forever we'll be crucified to a dream.' Even though being separated by the adulterer Eve, the love can live on for eternity! Woot, what a song! Bloody briliant! 10! Ville did not disappoint me at all. He's still as briliant and hot despite his fugly hair.

Dark Light, come shine upon me, luminating my soul!

Woot, this is really a LONG post. i hope you have enjoyed reading it and gaining some insights of the almighty HIM and its heartagram.

Last but not least, I'll upload the CD artwork of Slipknot's upcoming kick ass live album, 9.0. Here it is: http://www.pulseofthemaggots.com/images/90live.jpg.

Relish the Carnage! \m/
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