Sunday, October 16, 2005
  Fun deprived...
Recently, a strange illness fell upon me... I'm becoming like a living dead and my emotions are mostly numbened except when I listen to metal. I feel that myself and everything is slowly fading away, seeping away. All due to the excesive mugging! Fuck.

I so wanna have a time machine and catapult me to the time after my Os, but it's all just a dream. At least, can anyone make this period of time endurable and more ''enjoyable'' although it can be futile to do so.

The waiting and dreadiness in me is killing me. Anyone please, help me! Tell me a joke!

Now the things I look forward is a good meal and good music.

I missed those days when I frequent the library, Orchard road where I walked aimlessly around Far East/Taka/Hereen/blah blah. I missed the days when I hanged out with cool people like Rei and Joesph. I missed those days when I had jamming sessions with Justin and the magic/flourish gang where we just stand around at Shaws and flourish for hours. And I missed those days when I buy decks like nobody's business at Landmark, geez, I haven't been there for ages! I missed those days when I just stoned at Street magic and buying that Ice Milo and chatting with Daniel. I missed those days when we meet up on Friday evenings to meet Ning for The Little Magic Shop's orders, and Clement and Mac will just crap like crazy. I missed SMC closed meetings at Coconut Grove although SMC is like shit now.

Some people said, 'Just endure. Just one more month.' They have got no idea! Easy said, hard to endure!

The 3 words ringing in my devoid heart now are 'Desolate. Emptiness. Sorrow.'

Incincerated in this foul hole, I must, at least for the next 1 month.

18th of November, I can't wait for that day to descend.
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