Wednesday, October 05, 2005
  Amidst everything...
Good news! Good news! My sister officially look like Marilyn Manson now. WOOT! She went for hair modelling, and the hairdresser gave her the Marilyn hairstyle. Saddly, for various untastful reasons given by non-metalheads, they loathe this superbly cool image and become ashamed of it. Why? Plus, you got this image for free and you earned a heftly amount of 700 dollars just for it! Alright, I'm so looking forward to seeing her this weekend. Uber coolness.

Still speaking of siblings, my brother's hair is getting long, resulting in a very very queer phemonemon. Upon looking at him at a certain angle of elevation, he actually look like Matthew Heafy of Trivium! Gosh! That young talented vocalist, yes! Good, for that reason, I support my brother in not cutting his hair.

Oh yes, Slipknot is featured in Lime. Lime?! Is it a mistake? Typo? Nope, sad to announce, it IS Lime. Alright, what the fuck is Slipknot doing in that notorious second-graded magazine of Singapore? Intrigued, I read on. The questions they asked Corey is extremely uninteresting and obviously repetitive. Corey, uninterested or even bothered to answer properly, gave similar second-graded answers to stuff that reporter's mouth and made a deft escape from the irritating clutches of the ignorant and uneducated media.

There's one thing that entrapped in looking at that 2 miserable pages, no, 2 to be exact. One; the caption: Mick demostrates the fine art of headbanging. That's a decent line. Two; Joey! Of course, Joey has always been the magnet of Slipknot, undoubtedly. I hope those media and emos won't demagnetize him too much. Keep thos alternating currents and soft-iron coils to yourself, pricks!

To add on to it, Lime misspelt Craig as Graig. And, they can just use the famous collective term for Slipknot's fans, just use Maggots! Sigh, uninformed group of reporters...

These days... have been... crazy mugging days. I almost can feel my creative and expressive side seeping away into the sponges of the bookish abyss. Look what excessive mugging can do to you, sooner or later, you'd become an uninteresting dimwit who rely on books but not your logic or principles. Pathetic eh? Worry not, I'll try all means to keep my sanity at a healthy and ventilated level. One; by metal music. As the famous quote conjured by me goes, 'A dose of headbanging a day, keeps depression at bay.' It's definitely useful, try it someday! Two, try crapping with your siblings. One very ideal example occured yesterday, my brother (again) hates drinking soup. So, I said to him, 'Survivors ready?' Go!' in the exact manner of Jeff the host. Then he went on to gulp the soup. Then somehow, Survivors mutated to Fear Factor. I said again, 'Eeek. It tastes real bad right? Yuck! Ekkk!', giving generous hints of pseudo disgust. My brother successfully finished with the soup. Then, I said to the imaginary contestant next to my brother, 'Well, blah blah blah. You got to beat 5 seconds to stay in the game.' Haha! My brother can be such a good crapping partner sometimes, albeit being a pain in the ass most of the time. I had fun watchin g Family Guy with him too! (I) Thank God (for the suffering) that he get the jokes unlike majority of the teenagers who just likes boybands and who do not have a mind of their own. For that, my brother rocks.

Alright, dearest rant-filled scroll of mine. End of ranting! Bye bye! Go home, Shoo!

Oh yes, a full analysis of Dark Light shalth thy next post. So please do revisit this site often. Hehe.

In The Great Beast and Set, we trust. \m/
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