Wednesday, May 18, 2005
  Lovecraft and Witchhearts - Cradle of Filth.
Hey, I've finally bought Lovecraft and Witchhearts by the almighty Cradle of Filth.

So here's my review for it.

Disc one, notoriously known as Lovecraft, is a compilation of so-called hits ranging from their ''green" period Dusk and Her Embrace to their 2000 AD epic album Midian.

As usual, they have reigned the throne by their highly theatrical dramatic tunes and some much sonic-ridden insanity riffs, making it absolutely impossible for others to even stir up an notion to usper their blackened thrones. For they have been hailed as Kings of Extreme Metal. Heed this well, or find yourself highly addicted and dependent on their daily doses of erotica and sensual tunes. Surrender, my fiends. Scummb to Cradle of Filth.

I've reached my highest peak of adrenaline pumping within my blood vessels when Her Ghost in the Fog blared in my earphones. You couldn't even fathom my state of convulsion when Cruelty Brought Thee Orchards ruptured through my much toughened ear drums. It's pure madness and evilsonic. Beware.

Disc Two, self-proclaimed as Witch Hearts, it's a much messed up concoction of Cradle of Filth's covers and remixes of many strangely enough songs. But they sounded pretty decent, with some techno sound-a-like noises. Strangely enough. It's Cradle of Filth, mind you.

As it were mentioned earlier above, it's really messed up. Enough said.

The only thing decent and could-get-you-high-on is solely and purely Hallowed be Thy Name, originally sung by the even more almighty Iron Maiden.

Sounding really tragic and so definitely filthy, it is. But I assure you, my ignornant fools, it can really get you into a blinded and deafened (to other stuff) state of pure estatic existance, you are God then. Put those jokes aside. I'm dead serious about what I have said above. It's THAT good, so go fuck yourself.

Hallowed be They Name, Shallow be Thy Grave! And your worthless graves shall be shallow too!

Your heart will lurch wild and all free when the masterful guitar solo brainwashes your mind, erdictating all nonseniscal troubles and anxieties. Pure filth.

Be very afraid.

For Dani Filth and his bloodied minions shall conquer your soul and take over you.

Til then, \m/

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