Tuesday, May 31, 2005
  Devo Vom Schattenreich, goodbye...
From the The Hooded XCMer Devo :

I decided to post this up a day early since I am leaving for a show to Texas tommorow....

Due to personal reasons I am leaving the United States and going back to live permanently in Germany. I have also decided to shut down my store and Handlordz website on 1 July 2005. My forums will remain open for the members, however I will not be present. My email addresses will also be obsolete. I will be here on my forums only until 1 July.

The XB DVD is my final offering to the public XCM community. I will finish De’Ring since I am under contract to do so, however that will be the last public/commercial project. I am going to concentrate on the Ulmen Trials and training, as well as creative development with several of the underground German/European XCM groups, projects, and individuals. I am not quitting XCM, in fact I am going to focus on the art more than ever before! All the public activities from the internet and making commercial DVDs have taken away valuable time from myself and my family. I also feel like I have drifted away from the core of the underground community, and it’s time to go back where it all started from. I came to America to publicly push the art of XCM as it’s own art form, and help promote others learn and “flourish”. I believe I have accomplished my goals….

With that I would like to GREATLY thank all of you HL hardcores for all the tremendous support you all have given me! As a token of my appreciation, I am leaving the forums up as is….. Battles will continue - and I am still working out the details of who will judge etc… There WILL be a 2006 Tournament that my staff will make sure gets out next year! I hope you all continue to visit and post and keep the XCM dream alive!

A special thank you to everyone that has supported me on these forums over the past couple of years! It has been a fantastic experience! But it is time for me to move on. I wish all of you the best of luck in the future!

After I leave, I will not be able to be contacted… however if you are looking for me, I’ll be training in Ulmen…. I hope to see some of you for the trials!! I will update the Superhandz page with a email address for a U4 representative to schedule you if you choose to go… I will surely be at each and every one of the trials and look forward to seeing any of you that decide to participate.

Thanks one more time to all of you!!!!

You will all be missed……


De’vo vom Schattenreich

This is really sad...

He and his works got me into flourishing like 8 to 9 months ago. I never knew such stuff existed before his materials. I do really Owe him for what I am now.

Birdy fan, Heaven Display, Filpbacks, Filpback Fans, CTG, Deck Openers, Cobras, Quad Cobras, Triad Cobras and finally King Cobras. Such good concepts and creativity in them.

Well, Devo, I respect your decision. Wish you all the best for your future projects and the Ulmen traninings and materials. =P

You left your mark on the flourishing history, and you will be remembered as a Legend, always.

You are the MILESTONE for flourishes.

Well, I still remember the times I watched your Handlordz videos time and time again, admiring your skills and your Cobras. They still looked heavenly although now that I could do them as well.

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