Saturday, May 14, 2005
  Babble babble the Thirdteenth...
Since both yesterday and today are great days, I shall babble about both days.

Fri - 13/5.

EXAMS are frigging over finally! Hooray!!!!!

Went to watch House of Wax with Xin Mei, Calesta, and the others I can't recall right now. Pretty cool movie, with lots of gore and psycho-ness. I liked it. I give it a 8.5 stars for the raw brutality.

Then, I went to meet up with Edwin and Mac and all to wait for Ning to come.

Edwin passed me my Golden Nuggets Germaco! They looked pretty neat, felt okay, just a little stiff and all. It's worth the money. At least I have one member of the Nugget Family. =)

Then we sat around Spinelli jamming blah blah blah...

Then we went to Cathy Cineleisure to have dinner. Wen Yi barely touched the food... Me too, cause the char siew is like crap.

Oh yeah, Street Magic is having a Magic Compeition at Heartland Mall. Close up, Stage and Card Flourish. Lots of people are urging me to join... But, the rules are frigging irritating, especially rule number 2 -- use an un-tampered and sealed new deck. Dammit! Can't do any nice huge one hand fan, can't do a decent filpback fan. What the holy hell?!

Final decision -- Let me consider. But the stake of all things is Jerry Nuggets!!!!!! The mere temptation is too great. Too great even the Pope can't endure. Dammit.

Then, we went to walk around, went to OG's toy section, to revitalise our childhood memories. Arrr, good 'ld times.

Then as it's getting late. We went home. Ning moved hosue to Little India, how cool? Now she can get NEL with me. Nice! =)

Got home, I was soooo tired. But I stayed up till 3am, thinking about what to do with the Flourish compeition.

Today -- 14/5.

Today... The highlight was supposed to be the DSA Dinner. But it wasn't, cause it's such a bore. Nuff said. The food was okay, medicore. (see I used one of Mok's vocab!) Left around 9pm.

Our Plan A with Clement and Siyang was supposed to be going to Jalan Kayu for pratas. But BUT, plans went awry. So Plan B was employed. Compass Point.

So Plan B -- we sat at KFC, jammed, talked, crapped, without buying any drinks.

Clement is crazy over his impromptu Cups and Balls and his flash papers. (one lit piece nearly hit me...)

Time files...

So I got home.

End of babble babble.

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