Monday, May 02, 2005
  Babble babble the Eleventh...
Wow! I felt so energised today, never felt so good in days already. Maybe because I slept till 1 in the noon today.

Ok, yesterday (which is 1st May) was a long, exhaustive yet fun day. As today is just another crazy mugging day, I shant babble about today, I shall babble about yesterday.

So, yesterday was SMC last open outing, it was held at Kovan (finally, an outing near my house), in one cafe called Coconut Grove. So, I met Edwin, Mac, Justin and Ashraf first at the bus stop. It was so freaking hot, and Justin is wearing a damn jacket...

Ok, so the outing proceeded as usual, with people filling into the cafe. Lots of new faces...

As usual, there's performances. Aloy went first, he did a card to wallet effect on Wei Ping. (yeah, he came. Cool!) And, I was called on to be a volunteer for two times. Once it's Sherman's, one is Jason's. I think I'm being a potenially dangerous heckler for Jason, who kept faro-ing the cards. Hehe.

This outing is better than the last. Firstly, I don't need to fight with performance stress. Secondly, there's more time for interaction and free and easy chit chat time.

Then I was flourishing with Seng Hoe, Daren, and the Virts etc. Wow, I didn't know I can blend into their circle rather well. Hmm, yeah! Showed Daryl, Huron and Cai my so-called Vortex wannabe thing, they said it's rather nice! Huron even said he loved it... Wow!

Yeah, I can do cobras!!!!

Then, Ning intro-ed me to a friend of hers. Haha, I showed her some flourishes and tricks. I think she's baffled quite enough, and I can sense that she wants my hands... Whatever...

Then, it's time to leave that cafe.

Aloy, Ning, Edwin, Mac, Clement and others decided to go for dinner together.

Ning treated me to dinner, I don't know how to react...

Babble babble we chatted.

Clement and I made fun out of Mr. Mok's infamous line, What Rubbish! We really shouldn't use it often. Overrated stuff aren't good.

Then, I was chatting with Ning about Tarots and some dark stuff, and we mentioned Ouija Board. Some guys were interested... They tempted me to ''play'' ouija board... So, we ''played'' ouija board in Macdonalds.

After that, there's more chat and stuff...

I had my handwriting analysed by someone. Darn accurate! I'm a determined person, sort of 2 sided person. (This is very TRUE! I think I have 2 personalites. One -- Magic/Flourish/Lamer/Bo-liao person. Second one -- Dark/Emotional/Sensual/Scary/Cult-like/Metal-head/ New Age person.)

That guy owns at handwriting analysis.

Feeling rather uneasy and having quite enough of Macdonalds, I went home... To the same boredom of my family.... Hiaz.
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