Wednesday, January 28, 2009
  Let the pictures do the talking.
So, the past few days have been holidays for the Lunar New Year and such, and since I am, for once, lazy to express myself in words, I shall just post some pictures and thus I shall spare you from my ramblings. =) Good isn't it?

Saturday, 24th Jan. Havagriva Puja by Lama Zopa Rinpoche

Greatest honour to have his signature on his book. Received blessings from him too. Insanely awesome isn't the exact phase I can use to describe the joy of meeting such a great teacher. The calm he emanated to my consciousness within the few seconds of the encounter with him was enough to last for days or even longer, given that I am not in this crazy place called Singapore.

Let's skip the house visiting, shall we? *nods nods* =D

Saturday, 27th Jan, Live 'N' Loaded show at Mediacorp Channel 5 studio, to support my melancholic poet sister!
No, they weren't going to give out those guitars as prizes. I thought they are going to, but they aren't. =(
Before the musicians get on to the stages *2 of them* when the hosts were trying in vain to get the crowd to be lively and crazy. Obviously, it wasn't a great success. For, I have seen more intense crowds and been inside them. *Slipknot 2005!* My melancholic, Sisyphean-prone, egg crushing, once-a-poet sister dishing out her song - Suburbia on national TV with reinforcements from The LoveJacks, a cello and a trumpet. I really wish she could cover a mellow Opeth *Windowpane, please!* song someday, somepoint of her performing days. Ah wells! She is awesome enough, don't you agree? =D

Wednesday, 28th Jan, meetup with Alden, a very good friend of mine whom I haven't seen for around 4 months, due to his overseas attachment at Thailand. So great to meet him once again.

Thanks for the fantastic Opeth shirt which he acquired from Thailand *5 Sing dollars each, can you believe it?!*! I foresee it will be my favourite solo outing shirt! The back design of the Opeth shirt. Very reminiscent of their Orchid era, which I absolutely adore to no end.
Dissection's Reinkaos patch and Rammstein's Volkerball badge. Awesome paraphernalia. Now, to decide where to place them for their awesome qualities.

Back to mundane shit aka reality.
live and loaded not on sat.. on tues...
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