Thursday, November 06, 2008

Suede - Positivity

You say what you want to say
Your diamonds are drops of rain
Your smile is your credit card
Your currency is your love

And the morning is for you
And the air is free
And the birds sing for you
And your positivity

You play where you want to play
On the main streets where the creeps all prey
And you can feel like you're in dynasty
You could be what you want to be

And the morning is for you
And the air is free
And the birds sing for you
And your positivity

And the cars crash for you
And the sunshine is free
And the sirens call you

Yes, the morning is for you
Yes, the air is free
Yes, the world spins for you
And your positivity

That is a song of which I listened to for a brief moment during my lower secondary school days, hooked it up again recently. It's been a long time since I felt so calmly inspired by a song, since John Lennon's Imagine. It feels good to feel inspired again.

It tells you happiness and a positive attitude all depend and derive from a change of our habitual perception of the world, which is usually a negative one.

So, what has a song got to relate to me? Well, I am slightly overwhelmed by the speed of pleasant things that are occurring to me recently, ranging from human relations to flourishing to an inherent individual level.

Number #1 - Apparently, MTV really like card flourishing, they are going to feature the classic Jam Time video (of which I have submitted due to their request) as a Video of The Week at MTV Best Show Ever. This is awesome enough news, let alone that they are going to send a limited edition Swatch watch for that video submission. Haha!

Number #2 - Card flourishing related again. I might appear on Okto channel doing flourishes in a Live broadcast show.

Number #3 - I really enjoy the company of friend(s) *Drasula* I have now.

The first 2 occurred in rapid succession in just 2 days. O_o

Now, Ling, you are a mere mortal and please get back to Earth now.
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