Thursday, November 13, 2008
  One more amazing outfit in my wardrobe
Today, during Patient Care practical lesson, we had to learn how to put on those kickass callous looking surgical gown and all that jazz. It was a great experience because it makes one feel like a doctor almost immediately. Ignoring that aspect, I have to say it is not as simple as you would see it on TV where they just slip it on and off within seconds without any hassle. It really requires a certain level of thinking regarding on which side/which corner of the gown or the apparel to touch and the sequence of dressing up and removing. Especially for the gloves and the cuff of the gown, that part is tricky. =\

To identify Ling: Look for a \m/.

Now, that I have acquired a set of the gown, my mind is concoting several ways to use it to sinister uses *photoshoot* *flourish videos*. That will be interesting. I just need some red liquid and some scalpels. Muahaha! No, I kid. =P

But I have no idea but the process of wearing that gives me a special sense of calmness. :o

Amongst other news, looks like Ling has got to remain phone-less until tomorrow evening, for the incompetent repair service is going to take 2 days. My third service within a year! I vowed to myself that I will not procure a Zero Dollar phone the next time, there are bound to be problems.
Get a spare phone from them. THey will be able to loan you.
Hey Linus.

Haha, it's ok, I felt like giving myself a "communication vacation" anwyay, it's always good to take a break from something once in awhile.

Who are you by the way? You added me at Facebook earlier today and you happen to know my sister - Ling Kai? :O
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