Tuesday, November 11, 2008
  21st century isolation
So my handphone decided to play dead on me 2 days back, or the network provider. Either one. Rendering me incapable of sending out text messages. Agonising it is, to keep looking at the screen, hoping the damned messages will disappear from the outbox, every few hours for 2 days. So, being unable to send out messages, I logically would recieve none in return as well. I spent 2 days in handphone-silence, feeling myself getting out of touch, then gradually making me feel burdened and unburdened at the same time. Burdened; because I am now crippled by this inability to communciate in a fast manner. Unburdened; because I can now stop investing the time and effort to even look at the phone if there are new messages, it feels odd, something like taking a mini mind-vacation off the tasks of committing my thumbs to the keypad.

Thus, the title of this post - 21st century isolation. You are surrounded by people, but you are silent, you communicate with your mobile instead. Once deprived of that tool, the isolation kicks in full swing, you go batshit (I told myself not to, instead to just see how this could give me new insights), the people around you gets non-existent. You are isolated.

While heading home just now after a long day in school (I cannot say it's gruelling because nothing is more gruelling than JC, so long would contend), I was dragging my body home listening to Burzum's Det Som En Gang Var on a damp leaf-strewn lonely dark stretch of road. To add to the 21st century isolation I was experiencing, I was feeling really inhumane. That is pretty cool. =P
On the subject of 21st century isolation, have you seen the movie Kairo? It's the original (and needless to say, better) version of 'Pulse', and according to my roommate the whole film is symbolic of that movement:


Hey Kev,

Just viewed the imdb, wow, it looks highly interesting. *torrent away!* =D

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