Friday, October 17, 2008
Thus ended the first week of semester school term, it went by quite quickly to my amazement, I thought it'd be a drag. Ended really early today, so decided to go for another movie therapy again, watched Tokyo! at Cathay Picturehouse (my favourite movie therapy location).

Tokyo! is a sort of 3-in-1 omnibus short film compilation from renowned directors - Michel Gondry (Eteneral Sunshine of a Spotless Mind), Leos Carax and Bong Joon-Ho (The Host). Gondry's film - Interior Design deals with a lady with no concrete purpose in life in Tokyo gradually changing into a wooden chair (expect no normalcy from a director like Gondry, anyway, expect the other 2 films to be even weirder).

Leos Carax did a flim titled "Merde", a french word for "shit" about a red bearded creature who dwells in a gutters of Tokyo launching the general public into widespread terror and starting a cult following and seemingly defied the law when the authorities put him to death and the ending text merely went "Next destination - Mr. Merde in streets of NY". Very good adaptation of the modern idea of the terrorist. I especially liked the part where they interviewed the Tokyo citizens about the gutter creature - "In Siberia, a mother said the man is her long lost son Igor who is a gifted pianist who disappeared 17 years ago." HAHA. That was rolf-worthy! Insanely good short film. I hope someone have it on Youtube. =)

Last one was did by Bong Joon Ho who did The Host previously, his is named "Shaking Tokyo", about a Japanese city recluse opening up to the world and finding the strength to step out and re-integrate into the world again by love. I really liked how the director presented this film and tried to tell the viewers that this world, everyone is a recluse in a certain odd way and it is absoloutely essential to find a way to find joy and meaning in life again; to break free from one's little world grey world. Despite the fact that Leos Carax's Merde was insanely enjoyable, I got to say Bong's Shaking Tokyo is my favourite one of the three. No disrespect, Mr. Gondry!

I need to find a way to obtain the soft copies of these 3 short flims!

Excerpt from Merde, just loves how he exits from the sewers. So much style into it.
i think you can be a P/T film reviewer...
whoa..lucky you you already seen that..I want to watch too! :( I do hope they post it on youtube. haha.. I hate youtube yet I love it..ironic..
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