Monday, October 27, 2008
  A new hobby
So, today, I decided to do something out of the ordinary that I would do on a weekend, or any other day for that matter, seeing how disenchanted I am regarding to places like Orchard/Bugis/City Hall recently. So today, I went for a saunter at East Coast Park at night with a good friend of mine.

Knowing how long since I have been to the beach (at least a good 2 to 3 years of hiatus), I felt immediately delighted upon the sight of the shimmering waters lapping itself to the sands. What delighted me even more was the ocean's quality likening to that of an abyss, a pit of water that could drown and give life at the same time. It's almost like the moon - mysterious and alluring. My friend said it takes a man of great depth to have a liking for the ocean and who prefers to don in black. HAHA. That sounds like me! Ok, ego-stroking aside, yeah, it is really a sheer pleasure to visit the ocean once a while, to just listen to the crashing of the waves and stare into the horizon.

So, what about the new hobby? Me and my friend were sitting at the edge of the breakwaters and appreciating the ocean while it's high tide. So the waters were rising up to the edge of the breakwaters. Adding to that sense of ''danger'' was the fact that it was nightfall, and hence the added quality of the sea being omnious and menacing because you have no idea how deep it is in the dark. And, there you are sitting at the edge of the breakwaters, looking at the rising level of the consuming tides, listening to the omnious crashings of the waves, wondering is it the time to grab your belongings and leave before the tide gets any higher. It gave me a glimpse of the primal state of humans - the basic mindset of "Fight or Flight", so that is something that is worth delving into more often. Next, my friend likes to listen to inspirational tapes while he sits there, which gave me an idea to meditate there in my next trip to the beach. That should be a great idea, provided I could discern the height of the incoming wave with my eyes closed and locked in rapture. HAHA. Yeah, I have found a new hobby! Sit by the sea and introspect or appreciate the potentially destructive nature of this water element.

One thing I am annoyed at is the amount of "campers" on the beach. I mean, you camp at a spot which is just steps away from restuarants, fast food centres, 7-11? >_< And, those people at the chalets are just plain noisy.
Sounds like fun! :) I love walking by the sea... Usually at night because it's after dinner in a restaurant or something of the sorts.
We used to camp in a camping ground about 2min away from a town... Next to a noisy road... Dunno... It's still the sea... the magic, you ignore the cars.
I like joining my honey when he goes home, I love the area, the sights and the smell of salt. :) There's this church which overlooks the salt farm and airport... It's wonderful in the evening and at night. :)
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