Saturday, October 11, 2008
Went to watch The Coen Brothers' latest movie outing (final holiday movie therapy session) - Burn After Reading this afternoon, it was a vast disparity from their last Oscar-winning endeavour, No Country for Old Men. This movie (Burn) was a mad chaotic disaster that will incur unexpected laughter from the viewer. I especially liked the part where one of the Hardbodies staff who found the "sensitive shit" appear so oblivious to the brouhaha when the other staff were getting insane over the discovery of the "sensitive shit". "I didn't know! I found that in the floor of the gym! I didn't know!" HAHA. Flipping idiotically funny. Another part hit me hard on my geeky side, it was when the Russian embassy officer asked the maniacal woman who needed some surgical procedures how the CD would work, "Mac or PC?" HAHAHA! And, Chad (Brad Pitt) had the saddest death ever in his film history. That film was pretty awesome, it makes me want to check out earlier comedic films of the Coens. Which acutely reminds me of the half watched Fargo.

My laughter didn't end there for the day. I went to Ajahn Brahmn's dharma talk at Phor Kark See monastery after the movie and as usual, Venerable Ajahn Brahmn was as inspiring and amusing (in a respectful manner) as what I usually see in his youtube videos. He got this brilliant sense of Buddhism humour, when he was talking about how we can adapt to the finanical crisis, by driving a smaller car, and he always did what he preached - his vehicle is the Hinayana "Lesser Vehicle", HAHA. And, those deadpan middle aged audience didn't catch the joke at all. =\ Anyway, it was great to be able to see Venerable in person and hear him speak. Great experience to meet someone internationally known for his dharma talks.
I just realised that the american nihilist ungerground society is A.N.U.S. My testosterone and hormones are forcing me to laugh! haha
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