Wednesday, July 09, 2008
  Of an old (still on-going) obsession.
I was updating myself as usual on the happenings in the metal music realm by Roadrunnerrecords' Blabbermouth feed. Looks like Slipknot's 4th studio release would be out soon, it is entitled "All Hope is Gone". Before you launch yourself into a cyber attack on me and think that all hope is indeed gone within me by another Slipknot's ardent fan, I would like to say that it is really incredible for me to track back to the origins of my passion in this music genre. I remember starting to express an interest in this terrifying music genre when I was in secondary 1, that makes it 13 years old of me. So, it'd be 6 years plus of the heavy airwave bombardment for me and still counting. 

I still remember the feeling of hunting down shops that store Slipknot's album - Iowa. I searched around 5 to 6 CD stores and finally got it at Bishan's Junction 8, haha. Metal CDs are hard to find back then. When Youtube hadn't existed back then, YahooLaunchMusicVideos was heaven for me, to witness live performance videos of bands, and try to imagine what is it like to attend a real performance. The loading speed was incredibly slow, so I had alot of patience for the videos. When Slipknot came to Singapore's shores in August 2005, I was one starved maggot (term for Slipknot's fans) and all I could remember was that it was the best night of my life. During the show at Fort Canning, I was trying to breathe in very morsel of Slipknot's presence. Yes, my devotion is that much. I got invited to Mayhem's post-concert BBQ party by To Megatherion's Arifeen, and subsequently went sky-high hours before the meetup. That was the second best night of my life. 

From Slipknot, I expanded my obsession over to Cradle of Filth and the rest which automatically fell into place. 

I faced and overrode parental disapprovals time and time again, I became financially disabled numerous times due to my penchant to collect their CDs/DVDs, I faced unusual reactions when I mentioned I listen to Metal to people (especially my JC peers), and I achieved many auditory pleasures. All is worth it, every second of that 6 years till this day.  

Ah, what a passionate entry. 
Mhm :) Concerts... Escape from reality.
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