Saturday, June 14, 2008
  News from Count Dani. =)
Apart from the fact that my nasal faculties are giving me troubles since last night, I am quite comforted by the fact that Dani Filth revealed that the new Cradle of Filth album would be a concept album - based on the occult debaucheries of the 15th century French noble, Gille de Rais, who presented children as sacrament to his imaginary deity called "Barron". Such a detail would elevate me to much liking and fevour towards the new album already. It sounds so very delicious. And, to appease the Filthian creature within me even further, Paul Allender said that the new album would sound like a mix between Midian (my favourite record of theirs thus far) and Dusk and Her Embrace.

Such news just made up to my lonesome Saturday evening spent in a drowsy stupor due to the influence of synthetic cough-suppressing chemicals in my system. If The Filthians could achieve what was done in Midian, I would fall utterly in unconditional love towards the band once again. I sorely hope they will not disappoint. Just come up with another "Queen of Winter, Throned"-esque epic opus, Dani. And, those Filth legions will flood back into your scantum once more, to the point of it being pleasantly unbearable. HAHA. I am on a writing roll, aren't I? ^_^
Furthermore, Dani once again reassured the hordes that their semi-autobiography/full-fledged occult-and-everything-twisted history book - Gospel of Filth, is in its finishing stages, like what he said back in 2005. HAHA. He said that they are trying to set it for a Halloween 2008 release, alongside with the abovementioned upcoming album. *looks forward*

One more Filth-related thing to ramble on, I am still waiting for them to get their royal British arses to the bloodied and haunted shores of Singapore... Like what I am for many other bands, like Sweden's Pain and Germany's Rammstein. Such a long fruitless vigil it is, for a single ardent foolish (?) fan to devote time and effort... However, for the joy and auditory pleasures they unceasingly bestowed upon me and many fortunate others, I am willing to partake in this solitary obsession wholesomely.

It is really amazing to see how much a band could influence your life. Cradle of Filth changes the way how I look at music and lyrics. The entire Milton-styled, mythology-tinted poetic coherency of the lyrics simply took every ounce of air out of my lungs. It is actually very possible to cry at the end of a song when you really focus on the music and follow the lyrics together. It's just so massively epic. Dani Filth has a Masters degree (two of those, actually) in English literature for a reason, my fiends. Music becomes an experience rather than sensory entertainment, in this context. One other great thing I adore about such elaborate lyric-writing is that they could serve as an educational resource too, I learnt much vocabulary from them and slices of mythology, too. What. A. Wondrous. Thing.

On a sidenote, hell shit, I realise I write better under a stupor! Haha.

On another sidenote, I still find it hard to believe that my secondary 2 history teacher, Mr. Neo introduced me to Pain whose songs deal with drugs, alcohol, death, rejection and basically everthing negative. Mr. Neo must have alot of faith in me in my evaluating abilities and that I am not the usual emo/goth/pseudo-metal drifter you see on the streets on the weekends. Haha.

Oh, the stupor is acting up again and I am finding myself to fall back into yet another round of mental reverie... Later.


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