Sunday, May 25, 2008
  No more wishful thinking.
Well, I got all the replies from the 3 universities. Tough luck for me, not a hint of optimism from any of the 3. I kind of expected this already, knowing the level of *senseless* competition in the field and my set of grades. However, it still brought me some bitterness. Being smooth-sailing all the while in my academic path, the feeling of being phased out at this final junction doesn't feel good. My sister pointed out to me that it is my pride that is my foible. I kind of agreed to that recently. Knowing that, I willed myself not to dwell too much into this piece of news and get my emotions out of the way, and do what I have to do at my current location - a polytechnic. It is indeed a hard daunting emotional task, to overcome yourself and face reality in its truest sense. I think this shall be a metamorphsis for me, at least in terms of academics.

Another way to think about it is that my vocation - radiographer/radiologist (when I work my way up) would be one that is constantly in demand and one that would provide me with a stable, long term, anti-recession income. Which is true. It does sound better than a office-bound job that makes you into a white-collar zombie, in that Shenton Way Horde, looking at some odd paperwork, looking forward to a weekend or lunchbreak. How many engineers do you need anyway? How many accountants do you need? How many businessmen/women? The list is endless. But yes, I told myself, "Do you want to scrap into university and end up doing a mediocre course you have limited interest in, then end up hating your job for life?" Putting aside the prestige attached to the sound of Degree or that opposite of a Dipolma aside, what I really see is the trend of people from JC without any inkling of what they want in life/their interests, choosing a field that is popular and think it's a great way to go. No offence to any reader out there. Haha. Maybe it's just me trying to console myself amidst this grim situation. At least it works. =)

So far, I am really interested in brain-scans and heart-scans and how I can improve techniques of scanning to aid research in furthur developments in psychology and forsenics, for example. It sounds nifty.

Welcome to my full 3 years at NYP. I need to socialise more.
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