Thursday, May 15, 2008
  My first X-ray exposure!
Today, I did my first X-ray exposure. It was a very nice experience, no doubt. I especially liked the part when you need to manually process your film like how you develop your old school photographs, in the darkroom. That room just makes you so calm, and the red hues give off a nice ambience. Haha. I really like the place. I did 2 exposures, one with the phantom hand (think real human bones encased in engineered human flesh-like scilicon) and one with my Sony Mp3 player. Here are the outcomes after the manual processing procedures.

I have no idea but the whole process of aligning the X-ray casette and the object of interest under the beam's scope and the manual processing gave me a very meditative sensation. It calmed me and brought my mind to a subtle sense of peace. Perhaps it *is* my vocation. Ah ack.
In other news, I received a ''negative'' letter from SMU. Not too concerned about that, since I don't really like their mentality and how they operate. =)

I really have nothing much to rant about recently. It's just school, physics, listening to people speaking with a very odd accent ("burst --> bus, furs --> far, determine --> determine"), eating prata at North canteen, eating Macs again and again, gossiping about a certain 26 year old guy in my course, and having a great time with my coursemates. Time flies, it's the 5th week I am in a poly now, and it doesn't feel that long. I think this is the second best school experience besides Nan Chiau's. ^_^ Be honoured, Felicitians/Integral people!

On a personal note, I really wonder how did I survived slacking for months at home using the computer all day prior to restarting school. I use it for 2 - 3 hours now, and I got bored of it. Lol.

On a cosmic note, I think it is ever more probable that planetary destruction will set in by 2012. Just look at the proximity of the dates of the 2 massively-lethal natural disasters - Burma's giant cyclone and China's demon earthquake. One in early May, one is middle May. With hundreds of thousands died, the Earth is surely fucking furious.
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